– Email to MassGOP State Committee

I just received this in my email inbox from Kirsten Hughes, candidate for Chairman of the Massachusetts Republican Party.

Dear State Committee Members,

I know some of you have already visited my website but wanted to take another opportunity before the holidays to direct you to Many of us have already had the opportunity to discuss my candidacy for Chair of the MassGOP either in person or over the phone in the weeks since I announced. These conversations have been educational, challenging and, ultimately, very rewarding for now I see more clearly than ever the obstacles we face as a Party and how we can overcome them to win seats up and down the ballot in 2014. I hope my website will answer any questions regarding my credentials and agenda, and demonstrate that I’m the most qualified and experienced candidate in the race.

Please feel free to call, text or email me with feedback or to discuss my campaign. Hope you all are enjoying this festive time of year and I look forward to earning your vote to be the next Chair of the MassGOP.

Happy holidays,


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  • edfactor

    First, Brock – as you often and very helpfully share stuff as a SC member – you should probably have said here in small print that you have publicly endorsed her. (Says so on the site.)

    Second, I think it is appropriate for an SC chairman’s candidate to have a website. I think her site is professional and compelling. It has a lot of good content. (By comparison, Rick Green’s site  – is an empty shell that has no content about anything.)

    Third, it looks like she had some establishment help. (Her forms are linked to Rob Willington’s wufoo account) That’s definitely a sign of some backing from the Romney/Brown/MassGOP crowd. (And no, I don’t think he designed the site despite a layout pattern he uses – it’s straight PHP – no WordPress and it is not nearly as polished as all of the other high-quality work he and Swift do.) Also, the site name is registered to 1-and-1 – like Tisei’s site and some other MassGOP stuff. But… the site is running on Amazon EC2? How strange. (for a political site) But it does show some tech competence. Maybe Phil? (see next point)

    Fourth, she is married to a computer programmer!! That’s a great quality in a candidate. 😉

    Fifth, she avoids the tough issues, tragically:

    * The MassGOP is at risk of no longer being viable statewide. Like other weak state GOPs (like CA) our obsession with the social issues and the awful national brand is killing us. What will you do?

    * Specifically – your former boss couldn’t run far enough away from the party brand. (PLEASE don’t pretend otherwise, it would be insulting.) Why is that? What can you do about the state-level brand? If Brown runs again, will he still run from the brand while you are Chairwoman?

    * The party is riven between social conservatives and moderates. What is the answer? We cannot be the party of both Scott Brown and the RINO-hunters.

    * It appears non-incumbent Republicans can’t win during presidential election cycles. (I could cite the grim turnout data, but you’ve already seen it.) Should we still run new people during those years in state elections?

    * Some, but not a lot, of money is needed to radically upgrade the tech for the party. Are you willing to spend it?

    There are others, but I would like to see chairman’s candidates to actually take stands on the tough, real issues, rather than pretend this is just some local organization problem we can train our way out of. That’s nonsense.

  • Republican Ram Rod Radio

    The Party is in serious trouble … and we need someone that can turn things around … it’s going to require a level of commitment that the last couple chairs were unable to provide.  

    This girl in my opinion couldn’t possibly put in the hours needed to turn this party around.  She’s trying to pull off 2 careers, a city council seat, and now MA GOP Chair? … Oh and BTW she just had her first child last week … Guys sober up!

    Pretend you work in the HR Department of a struggling business, you’re looking for a new hire to head operations here in MA and turn things around … you’re going with this?