Hero of Tuzla faints – doesn’t go to hospital, but too sick to testify!

Hillary Blood-and-Guts Clinton, the famed Hero of Tuzla finally called in sick today.  After touring 117 different countries in her post as Secretary of State finally succumbed to a fainting spell and is unable to testify about what she knew in the Benghazi attacks that left 4 Americans dead, including the Ambassador Chris Stevens.

She has survived just about everything the world could throw at her, but not answering a few simple questions before a Senate committee.  She survived a cheating husband, A failed run for the presidency, She atually cried in NH but kept on fighting.  Yet, she is too sick to go and talk to her old friends in the US Senate!?  

Funnier yet, when the Secretary of State faints I would think she would end up at the hospital overnight – especially if she suffers a concussion!  Yet she wasn’t hospitalized.

Clinton had been suffering from a stomach virus at the time, according to a statement on Saturday from Philippe Reines, deputy assistant secretary of state.

She is being monitored by doctors and is recovering at home. She was never hospitalized, Reines said.

Is it strange or is it convenient?  No doubt Hillary is highly monitored as the Secretary of State.  Additionally she is a former first lady and US Senator.  One would think if she fainted she would be rushed, even against her will, to a local hospital just for safety sake.  The US government could take no chances in letting one of its most prized political figures succumb to a flu thus jeopardizing intelligence.  Don’t you think?

Afterall, former President George H W Bush had been at the hospital for a couple weeks with a flu.  No taking chances there, but then again Hillary is a war hero.  

Its always the coverup that gets you in trouble.  The Obama administration is working around the clock to coverup everything it has touched in the last 4 years.  God help us….

Oh yeah, I wonder what this means for Hillary’s run in 2016……?

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