Half a Loaf, is Still Only Half a Loaf

Things need to change here in Massachusetts, especially in the Republican party. In this last election there were 81 House seats and 21 Senate seats which went uncontested in our State Legislature. That is over half. Couldn’t we have maybe gained just a few of those seats had we a candidate?

Talking to others I have found the main reason seems to be that the state committee in some areas wasn’t actively involved in recruiting candidates. There were cases where candidates had to beg for money from the state committee and were refused. The question is why?

Many believe that the current GOP in Massachusetts has a certain agenda, much like the national GOP, where they will support only candidates who fit their profile of what a republican and conservative should be, as misguided as their definition of each may be. With the horrendous track record in this state, that obviously isn’t working. But then it all starts at the top.

The last chairman, Bob Maginn, used to work for Mitt Romney, a definite establishment Republican who, although a conservative by the warped Massachusetts Republican standards, was more of an “Obama Light” (no, that isn’t a racist comment so give it up) than a true conservative. Maginn even donated to the reelection campaign of Deval Patrick, our very leftist governor. Doesn’t that just give you an air of confidence in where his loyalties might be? Fortunately Maginn has decided to resign, which opens the door for a new chair person.

Currently there are I believe, five announced candidates to replace Maginn. You would think that our leaders would say “What a great time to make a change.” But no, not here.

Instead of this they recommend we all support one of their own, Kirsten Hughes. Now I don’t know Kirsten and I am sure she is a very fine and respectable woman (after all she is a Republican) but do we really need another Chairperson with ties to an established candidate, Scott Brown, who more than likely will either run for the Senate again, if John Kerry goes to Washington, or for Governor? In case you forgot, Brown lost the election after being the most popular senator from this state in a long, long time. This may be because he decided to run as a Democrat in this last light, again, doing as so many Republicans seem to do, changing themselves into something they aren’t so they get reelected. Don’t get me wrong, I supported Brown, and more than likely will again, but we really need a change of thinking.

Look at those numbers again, 81 – 21, that is over half of the seats in the state. we can’t continue to allow the Democrats to retain their seats without a fight. The time for change is now.

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