Green Opens Big 20-8 Lead Amongst SC Members Over Rival Hughes

(As several adroit readers have noted, Mr. Green added another endorsement to his list overnight and, unlike Ms. Hughes, he is also a member of the State Committee and thus can vote for himself, giving him 22 State Committee supporters to Ms. Hughes 8.  Developing…. – promoted by Paul R. Ferro)

Judging by listed endorsements on their respective websites, candidate for MassGOP chairman Rick Green has opened a 20-8 lead over rival Kristen Hughes amongst state committee members.  As readers of Red Mass Group know, the support of state committee members is the only support that counts in state chairman races.

Even more interrsting, and contrary to the typical “moderate establishment vs. conservative activists” narrative that has been the hall-mark of MassGOP chairman races over the last 20 years, Green has garnered support from across the political spectrum.

While his supporters include such traditionally conservative members as Steve Alyward and Mike Potaski, they also include more moderate members like Luke Noble.

The MassGOP Chairmans race between Green and Hughes has begun to garner national attention from conservative media, including Tucker Carlson’s Daily Caller, whose coverage included a nice shout-out to this humble blog.  

Conservatives are pushing back against Hughes – and, by extension, Brown.

Feeling that Brown’s “people over party” slogan, which he used to compete for Democratic crossover votes in 2012, damaged the grassroots conservative base that Brown himself helped build, conservatives are lining up behind Hughes’ challenger for the state chair position, entrepreneur Rick Green.

Green’s online auto parts company counts more than $50 million in annual revenue and 100 employees. He also recently served as the chairman of the Massachusetts Fiscal Alliance, a grassroots fiscal conservative organization.

Green’s campaign ad currently tops the homepage of RedMassGroup, the insider political blog considered the “Drudge Report of Massachusetts.”

With increasing local and national media coverage of the MassGOP chairmans races, it seems likely the race will only get more intense from here on out.

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