Get it off your chest – seeing as the world ends today!

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Is there anything political you want to get off your chest before today’s ending of the world?  

Come on, say it damnit!  This could be your last chance…

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    If there is one guy I could run into the day before the end of the world it would be this asshole.  

  • I’m bummed that we won’t get to see Scott Brown plead with voters that he is as pro-abortion, pro-homosexual marriage and anti-gun as any Democratic candidate.

  • BrocktonDave
  • my high capacity 30-round AR-15 magazines from my “I don’t even OWN an AR-15” cold, dead fingers!!

    (for the government moles snooping around)

  • .

    #2 – One of my children is gearing up to run for local office – NOW, he’s still a total success!

    #3 – Not gonna have to pay off on those pledges of support!

  • Karl Marx

    “Good news for all those who have nightmares about the prospect of peak oil: scientists have discovered an oil field which has a gargantuan 155 quintillion barrels of oil, or about 200 times more hydrocarbons than there is water on earth. There is however, a catch: the field is located some 1,300 light years away.” From Zero Hedge, who got it from Rigzone.

    After tomorrow, we won’t be around to hear the banshee screams of the global warming cult.  

  • But if this isn’t the end we are all still friends, k?

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