Five Things you should know today, December 4, 2012

Sorry for the sporadic updates. The five things will be back every day starting now.  

1. Cahill Jury gets case

The Tim Cahill trial is at the end game.  The jury has the trial after closing arguments.  If you’ve followed the trial you know that Cahill had a tough time on the trial stand under cross examination.  

2. Deval Patrick seeks power to cut local aid

Deval Patrick has said that he will cut $225M in state spending to help balance an “unforseen” state shortfall.  In addition Patrick has asked for the power to unilaterally cut local aid by up to 1% for cities and towns.  That would be another $9M.  The cut in local aid needs approval from the legislature however.

As part of a plan to address an estimated $540 million mid-year budget gap, Gov. Deval Patrick on Tuesday slashed spending by $225 million and asked the Legislature to allow him to unilaterally reduce unrestricted local aid to cities and towns by 1 percent.

Unrestricted local aid pays for local services, such as public safety budgets, and is delivered separately from state aid to fund local education spending, which is not targeted for cuts under Patrick’s plan.

Of course there were a few people like Jim Lyons (R-Andover), Paul Adams (R-Andover), and Steven Levy (R-Marlborough) who would have told you this was inevitable with a budget based on fantasies, but they were widely ridiculed for it by the establishment.  

3. Warren Gets Banking Commitee Slot

Our Sub-prime banking governor helped elect another ally for his former industry to the Senate.  Now she is being appointed to the Banking Commission.  Almost immediately after Deval Patrick called her, “my good friend,” this summer Warren stopped saying the financial crisis happened one bad mortgage at a time.  Will she finally throw off the yoke of Deval Patrick and call for his, and his cronies, prosecution?  I wouldn’t hold your breath.

4. Departing Reps say goodbye

Departing State Representatives got the chance for farewell speeches today.  RMG will create videos of the GOPers and put them up.

5. Jim Lyons on Fox and Friends

Jim Lyons was on Fox and Friends yesterday morning to discuss in state tuition for non-legal residents.  Today he, along with Marc Lombardo, Keiko Orrall, and Shauna O’Connell, filed legislation to rescind the governor’s executive order.

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  • So we’re gonna cut local aid to cities and towns yet the state will continue to fund EBT cards, free college tuition for illegal aliens, out of control patronage, and undfunded pensions? All these Democrats who continue to vote for Democrats who have voted for all these stupid things are the reason why we’re in this mess.

    I distinctly remember Charlie Baker back in 2010 pointing his finger at Deval during a debate about this very problem and Deval poo-pooed him. This state is going down the toilet because of DEMOCRAT policies. The sooner we realize it and the sooner the state GOP grows a  sack and exposes this, the better we will be.

    Where is EBT reform? Why are we funding instate tuition for aliens? Someone in the state GOP has  to address this  and ask why we’re cutting local aid yet not touching these issues.

    I’m mad as hell and not gonna take it anymore ...”

  • gary

    1:  Cahill.  Using the lottery in a way that makes him look good as a candidate is no different from Galvin putting his picture on all the election literature. If stupid is a crime then Cahill should go to jail just for running as a 3rd party candidate, but not for those bogus charges.

    2: Patrick. What a difference a year or so makes.  This, from the Patrick campaign, 2010:

    I wanted you to have this information first, before it appears in the media, because it is an important independent indicator that Massachusetts is enduring the economic downturn better than most and is poised to come out of it faster and stronger than the rest of the US.

    Faster. Stronger.  Except it didn’t and it’s not.  His rhetoric is that Mass is leading the US, but that’s patently false.

    The Patrick’s tenure is this:  8 years, a smaller labor force, more unemployed, flat per capita income, a larger state government, a relentless rise in property taxes, no improvement on reading/math measurements, a pharmacy that’s killing people, a crime lab that can’t reliably tell who’s killing people and a probation department that so full of crony hires that it can’t tend to the people who’ve killed people.

    Meanwhile, the Patrick legacy:  The first black governor of the state spent his 8 years carrying water for Romneycare. His claim to fame: he continued the work that Romney began.

    No policies on property taxes, no policy success on stopping the rise of health insurance or health costs, no policy on the rising poverty rate.  On the flip side, there’s some nice drapes, a car and a book.

    This week is classic Patrick: He gives the Clintonesque “I feel your pain” sad face, then gives raises for staffers, announces an upcoming “robust” tax increase and then cuts local aid.

    3. Seriously, tuition for illegals as an issue?!  Give ’em all instate tuition and an Ipod for all I care.  Massachusetts isn’t a state with an illegal alien problem.  Republicans play right into Democrats hands by (democrat spin) “trying to toss children out of school.” Why waste a breath?  In Massachusetts, immigration is a red herring issue much like abortion: emotional and minor.