Five Themes That Will Govern the Cavaretta-D’Arcangelo Campaign

1. Our efforts at driving the 2013 Chairman’s debate and discussion are based on Ground Game, Grassroots and Geography.

2. We feel the State Party must boost our urban competitiveness and minority outreach. It’s simple electoral math.

3. David and I will work closely with our GOP Stars and State Committee Members on commissioning a positive, Public Relations Strategy and Marketing Offensive to re-introduce voters to our popular, (R) principles on Day One.

4. David and I will insist on Basic Customer Service from all MA GOP Staff to all activists, GOP officials and stakeholders; and operate a professional, F/T operation.

5. We will introduce to our Candidates Committee, as a starting point for a larger discussion on attracting, supporting and funding more MA GOP races based on incentives, milestones and measurable metrics.

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VIDEO: Watch Dean Cavaretta and State Committee Members in the latest episode of Chelmsford CATV’s “Speak Out” as they discuss the 2012 Election and the future of the MA GOP.

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