Father and daughter arrested for incest

OK Libertarians, what do you think of this? A father and daughter were arrested and charged with incest after DNA tests showed that her child was fathered by her father. People here regularly tell me that incest laws do not prohibit conceiving a child with a sibling or a parent, but this should put an end to that ridiculousness. They are being arrested for conceiving a child together, and they’d be arrested for it even if they used a turkey baster and didn’t actually have sexual intercourse.

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  • geo999

    Just because you and I find it icky doesn’t make it any of our business.

  • I’m not a libertarian, I’m a conservative.  Laws did prohibit them and now they are being subject to the fullest extent of the law for their violation of that prohibition.  The problem is the laws did not prevent them.

    Laws rarely prevent any deviant from engaging in behavior deemed  not desirable, even criminal, in society.  Laws are followed by normal, decent people.  Laws are punitive, not preventative.

    What prevents bad behavior is a fully & properly formed conscience.  What forms a conscience is the culture which seeps into the hearts & minds of the individual.

  • Vote3rdpartynow

    Here is my prediction.  

    I predict that incest becomes a serious health related concern and widespread in the United States within ten years.

    Based on what, you say?

    Based on the fact that having children out of wedlock is becoming rampant.  News stories abound of middle aged inner city men having scores of children with multiple women.  Half brothers and half sisters will often not even know they are related.  Fathers will not recognize their own children.  Is it inconceivable (no pun intended) that a possible, infact likely, result will be that many of them will have sex together and produce children.  

    Here is a very recent (1 week ago) story about a father orered not to have any more children because of his reckless behavior.

    Corey Curtis, 44, has fathered children with six different women and currently owes over $100,000 in back child support.

    The man, Corey Curtis, has 9 children by the way…..But of course, that is small potatoes compared to these three losers that combined have fathered nearly 80 children.  Is it so hard to imagine that some of the kids will have sex with each other – seeing as they probably don’t even know about each other….

    Of course, no woman in her right mind would have a kid with a man who already has children in the double digits. Latoya Shields, one of Turnage’s many babies’ mothers, told WREG in Memphis that she was “floored” when the prosecutor told her that Turnage had 20 children. She says that, though she spent eight years with him, she thought he only had four children.

    It seems the mother and father have lost count of what kids they have.  The mothers don’t know about each other so how can they possibly take precautions?  And for sure they are likely to live in the same general geographic area and the kids will be involved with each other…..

  • know who said “…that incest laws do not prohibit conceiving a child with a sibling or a parent”

    “People” say things “regularly” that “people” “never said”….all the time in your world.