Elizabeth Warren will NOT serve on Senate Committee on Indian Affairs.

Just a few days ago it was decided by Senate leadership that Massachusetts’ US Senate-elect Elizabeth Warren will NOT serve on the Senate Committee on Indian Affairs.

Rarely, if ever have we had a US Senator that is a mix of Cherokee and Delaware Indian.  And it is surprising that we do not ask that person to serve in a capacity within the Senate that can best help her people.  Ya know, her people with the high cheekbones!

What is outright preposterous is what Massachusetts has become in the US Senate!  Think of this – If John Kerry takes over as Secretary of State, which is likely, then Elizabeth Warren becomes the senior Senator from Massachusetts on her first day in office.  Unless, of course, Kerry takes the job as SOS before Warren is sworn in and Deval Patrick appoints an Interim Senator to fill his spot.  Then we have a situation in which the senior Senator is an Interim Senator and Elizabeth Warren is the junior Senator.  No matter how it plays out, very soon we will have 2 US Senators from Massachusetts without so much as a single day’s worth of experience – nice going voters!  Unless Scott Brown runs for, and wins, John Kerry’s vacated seat.  Then we have a junior Senator with 3 years more experience than the senior Senator.  

But, back to Elizabeth Warren and her native heritage!  If Elizabeth Warren is so anxious to meet people of her kind that she is willing to list herself in Law School directories and cookbooks as a Cherokee Indian – then why won’t she serve her people in the US Senate?  Is she done with them?  Does she not want to associate with them?  Is she embarrassed by them or ashamed of them?  I think she may be a racist like the members of her father’s family!

It is time that Elizabeth Warren step up and defend her people.  Afterall, her father had to elope with her mother due to the family disgrace of him marrying an Indian.  This is her chance to make things right within her family….  This is her chance to fix the racist hatred of her father’s family.

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