Cavaretta and D’Arcangelo: Proposed 2013 Organizational Structure

Dear MassGOP State Committee Members, Conservative Activists and (R) Elected Officials:

As we speak with members, some conversations continue to be had regarding our projected 2013 Organizational Structure for the MassGOP. With that said, we would take the following steps to break new ground and lead with purpose and vision from February 1.

Some significant “structural” changes we are proposing will be;

• You get what you pay for. David & Dean have talent and are hungry for wins. That is why we both believe that an incentive based system brings out the best and maintains the focus on our central goal of winning more races. David & Dean would split a base salary of $80,000 and will work a minimum of 45 hours a week each. We will seek an incentive based “bonus” system that will compensate us additional funds based on wins & losses for various levels of Republican involved races.

Most importantly, under this proposed system, it would be the State Committee that would predetermine and assign any of these incentive based values.

• This new model will combine the compensation of Chair and Executive Director and the State Committee will essentially be getting two employees for the price of one.

• Under our new proposal the position of Political Director would be eliminated.

• We intend to operate a similar Staff Budget within the guidelines that the State Committee has previously established. This would be roughly consistent with the number of FTEs Chairman Maginn managed.

• We would ask Pricilla Ruzzo to continue to serve as Finance Director.

• We would ask Nate Little to stay on although he would be re-assigned to a newly created position. (Director of Training and GOTV)

• We would create a new Director of Urban Outreach position.

• We would maintain the two Deputy Chair Model similar to Chairman Maginn. One would be for Boston, Worcester & Urban Affairs and the other would be for Western Massachusetts.

• Consistent with we would undertake a serious discussion with all of you about the feasibility of establishing a Region Six to encompass Greater Metropolitan Boston, with the long term goal of creating a separate budget and working MA GOP office apart from Headquarters.

Respectfully Submitted,

Dean Cavaretta

Candidate for Chairman

David D’Arcangelo

Candidate for Chairman

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