Cavaretta and D’Arcangelo: Experience Matters

Malden City Councillor David D’Arcangelo and I enter the race for Party Chairmen to use our 30 years, combined political experience to reform the MA GOP; to debate big ideas and ways to involve all activists; to implement our Reform Plan which has been published for 24 months; and to help our State Committee Members and Elected Officials fulfill our mission to support more (R) candidates.

From Cory Atkins to Jamie Eldridge; From John Tierny’s Surrogates to the Malden Democrats both David and I have debated and competed against THE toughest candidates the MA Democrat Machine has to offer. We have run local and statewide campaigns and have carried our banner on the ballet ourselves. Experience Matters.

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  • Karl Marx

    GOP needs to be active in City of Boston elections in 2013. The candidate for at-large need not be a Republican in this nonpartisan election coming up. If there’s a GOP candidate for at-large fine. Even if there is not, candidates running for an at-large seat will have to appeal to blocks of voters even proportionately small ones like urban Republicans. The thinking is that the GOP needs to be ready to comment on the issues framing the city of Boston election. The model is Boston’s Ward 5 Democratic committee, all candidates have to show up. Why not “force” or “compel” candidates seeking every single vote for one of four at large seats to at least appear before the Boston GOP city committee? Sure a few ideological candidates might want to skip a night out soliciting the GOP but that’s telling unto itself isn’t it?

    This sounds quixotic but it’s really a good base-building exercise keeping in line with what the playbook is seeking to accomplish. The GOP should be active in nonpartisan elections like the one in Boston in 2013.