Cavaretta: ‘A House Divided Against Itself Cannot Stand’

Dear Friends and Fellow Activists:

If there is one thing I’ve learned since my first campaign in the early 1990s is that state politics isn’t bean bag, and I do not have all the answers. But, let it be said, that no longer can the MA GOP campaign in just 75% of the Commonwealth and expect 51% of the vote.

2 years ago, (after the 2010 Gubernatorial Cycle), Malden City Councilor David D’Arcangelo and I initiated a conversation for CHANGE.  Our goal 24 months ago, was to develop a detailed, game-plan on how BEST to RE-ORGANIZE, with more effective campaign strategies that WINS MORE ELECTIONS.

From our point of view, there is so much work that needs to be done, no quick fixes, we are concerned less about titles than we are about tackling the enormous amount of work that lies ahead.  

At the outset, we need all of your help.  No longer can a single activist, candidate or volunteer be marginalized.  No longer can the various sub-groups or factions be greater than the sum of our parts. There simply are not enough of us to battle the Democrats by being divided or splintered or disregarded any longer.  A house divided against itself cannot stand.

Working with all of you, our ultimate goal is diligently replicating David’s local success statewide, and over time, restoring Massachusetts as a viable, 2 party state, with Checks and Balances and Separation of Powers.  We are embarking on a sincere attempt to run our campaigns differently and more effectively.

The (R) candidates running for Chair are our friends, colleagues and valued members of our Party.  We look forward to this long overdue debate of how best to reform our tactics, our message and most importantly, our operations.  So, what should be our new campaign principles going forward?  

Well, we are interested to hear from all of you, but here are some we believe in.

All can be found at  

1. Compete Everywhere (The Metropolitan Boston/MBTA service map is a good place to start, as an example). We simply cannot lose large, geographic areas 90%-10% or worse any longer.

2. Own New State Issues (What are broad based public policy reforms or ballot questions that appeal to new Mass. voters beyond our base?)

3. Win The Youth Vote

4. Develop GOP Star Candidates and Operatives  (All candidates, their volunteers, and staff should be the MA GOP’s loyal customers)

Wouldn’t you also agree, isn’t it time we change the framing of our issues, the allocation of our finite campaign resources, and minority outreach at the MA GOP; to re-organize and win the battle of public opinion by going to ALL urban and suburban areas of the Commonwealth, by leading on the issue of school choice and public education, and by truly developing our grassroots over multiple election cycles?

We have a lot of work to do.  But, David and I know in our hearts things can get better. We want to use our 30+ years of combined MA political experience to make this next race for Chairman/woman of the MA Republican Party a positive turning point for years to come.  

Republican President Theodore Roosevelt once said: “Far better it is to dare mighty things, win glorious triumph’s, even though checkered by failure. Than to take rank with those poor spirits who neither gain much nor dare greatly; for they live in the grey twilight that knows neither victory nor defeat.  Because Life is a Great Adventure….and the worst of all fears is the fear of living.”

You know, in 2012 I ran against the “Prince of the Progressive Left.” State Senator Jamie Eldridge is a man destined to run statewide; who is already the Defacto Leader of the next generation of liberal activist.  I can say unequivocally, these New Democrats are going for broke.  They are well on their way of fundamentally changing the Social Compact in America, and the relationship between our government and the people themselves.  

These MA Democrats will NOT STOP until the Commonwealth and America resemble a European Socialist Model – a framework only responsive to the narrow, special interest groups who continuously get them elected.

Our charge is to be equal to the task. Our mission is to re-organize and rise above to meet the enormous challenges that lie ahead. Will you join us?  We look forward to speaking to our State Committee members and all of you.

We look ahead to moving beyond the ‘Grey Twilight’ that President Roosevelt (the one – even FDR looked up to) resisted with all his being.

Please visit and for more information.

Happy Holidays,

David D’Arcangelo

Dean Cavaretta!/newmassplaybook

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  • Vote3rdpartynow

    I am particulalry interested in finding ways to grow the Republican vote amongst younger voters.  

    I think there is great potential for gains in the years to come among young people as evidenced in the many conversations I have with my kids and their friends.  My oldest son is in college and my daughter is a senior in high school and they are quick to offer opinions about the dismal state of affairs in our Commonwealth.  Many of their friends are off to college and watching from afar as their parents, once financially sound and happy, are struggling to pay the bills.  They dish out huge tuition bills to pay the salary of a Professor with tenured contracts and huge salaries.  The only part time work they can find is minimum wage and completely unrelated to their studies.  Many have parents out of work.  Young people notice these things!

    Many are going on their 4th or 5th Christmas with tight budgets and little hope of change in the near future.  This is beginning to settle in with them – things are not good anymore! When they do graduate (with huge debt) they will find only 1 out of 2 with a job, and probably part time and minimum wage.  

    These are the young people that have come of age in a time when Democrats have controlled everything in Massachusetts and 2/3 or more of everything in Washington.  For many, Obama is the only President they have voted for and Deval Patrick the only Governor they have voted for – those two clowns are inextricably tied to the financial disaster facing this country.  

    This economic ruin will come back to haunt Deval and Barack – have no dount about that.  We as Republicans need to find a way to continue to reinforce their failed political responsibilities.’

    There is a quote from Phillip Yancey, the author of ‘Rumors of Another World’.  He said “Nobody converts to Christianity because they lost the argument”.  It’s true for religion as it is true for politics – ‘Nobody will convert to Republicanism because they lost an argument’.  If we spend all our time trying to win the argument we end up with bitter enemies as opposed to just enemies.  Time to find a new way to skin the cat here folks….

    We need to teach them (younger people and nonRepublicans) that our way of government, our leadership, our way of  living life with liberty and freedom is better than the alternative i.e government intrusion at every turn and loss of liberty.  We need to stop preaching and start demonstrating.

  • edfactor

    Dean –

    If you want to put yourself out there for scrutiny like this, you need to explain your big loss. Did you use these principles in your race? Did young people vote for you? Did you do well in urban areas? Did you come up with new issues?

    What happened?