Breaking News: Massachusetts Conservative Assembly is Born

Taunton, MA, December 6, 2012:  :  A group of Massachusetts conservatives, fed-up with the lack of success by the Massachusetts Republican State Committee in electing Republicans and finding qualified candidates to run, have launched the Massachusetts Conservative Assembly.

Shortly after the November 2012 elections, a small group of established Conservatives attended the State Committee meeting in Plymouth.  Listening to the excuses and rationalizations being told to the Committee and audience, it gave no solace to ease the pains of what they felt was a ‘great embarrassment. There were also no concrete proposals or course of action for the future. It was clear from this meeting that principles were compromised, antiquated strategies were employed, indiscernible plans had been communicated and execution at many levels had failed to gain any momentum whatsoever.   This was evidenced by the election results.  In all, 81 State Representative and 21 State Senate seats went unchallenged.

Over the last several weeks this small band has travelled the Commonwealth talking to dozens of influential conservatives, sharing their vision, and the response of dozens of groups and organizations has been overwhelmingly unanimous.  The current Republican Party is not working for or in the best interests of the citizens of Massachusetts. A Conservative Assembly should be established that represents and includes all Conservatives across the state.  This core group has recruited Republicans, Independents, as well as members of the Liberty Party, Constitution Party and Libertarians.  Numerous organizations are also represented including: Tea Party Patriots; Massachusetts Republican Assembly; Conservative Voter Regulation; Massachusetts Conservative; National Rifle Association, Massachusetts Against Illegal Immigration; and the Gun Owner Action League.

The group has been established and is actively reaching out to all groups, Asian, Hispanic, African American, Women, Veterans, and Youth (High School and College) with the intention of educating all citizens of Massachusetts on the true meaning of Conservatism. Unlike the Massachusetts Republican Party which seems to have forgotten what Conservative values are, the Massachusetts Conservative Assembly embraces true American Conservatism and seeks to bring this message back to Massachusetts, through education, activism and election of true conservatives at all levels of government.

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  • Vote3rdpartynow

    Seeing as I am no longer running for the Chairmanship for the state GOP…Dare I print my CV once again….

  • Be wary of reaching out to Libertarians, who are very likely to be Transhumanists and oppose laws against genetic engineering of human beings and transgender/same-sex reproduction. I’d impose a litmus test to keep these false conservatives out of the group, just ask them if they support a law against genetic engineering of children or if they think it should be allowed. Transhumanism it the opposite of conservativism, though they will try to convince you they are conservatives, they are more interested in destroying the conservative movement from within.

  • they will tell you they are conservatives, but the stated goal of the Church of the Great Flying Spaghetti Monster is the complete destruction of any and all conservative movements from within by attrition through non-stop carboloading.

    That said…define “conservative” as it relates to your group…because it means greatly different things to individuals claiming to be “conservative”