Bob Maginn not seeking reelection

It looks like we will have a contested fight for the chairmanship of the Republican Party.  In a letter to State Committee Members today, Bob Maginn has said he is not seeking re-election, and is working to schedule an election for chair.


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  • Bob Maginn, thank you for your service to the Massachusetts Republican Party.  I look forward to your continued activism within the MassGOP to grow and strengthen our Party and elect our candidates in 2014.  

  • Vote3rdpartynow

    its seems to be down to just Republican Ram Rod Radio and…..well…. Me!  I have sent a personal invitation to RRRR to a ‘winner-take-all’ thumb wrestling contest, but he hasn’t yet accepted my offer.  That being the case I wish to circulate my curricula vitae here for all to see, and consider, when casting a vote for the Party Chairmanship.


    I was born smart, but made the decision to build upon my innate sense of brilliance by working toward my high school diploma.  And though 9th grade proved to be the hardest 4 years of my life I consider it a victory to have walked the podium and been handed the ribbon wrapped parchment from Athol High School.  Though I now live in Littleton, down deep I am every bit an Athol kind of guy!


    Served 20 years in the Army and rose to the astonishing military heights of ‘Private First Class’.  Never in my 2 decades of service to our country did a potato get past me with a single bruise or blemish.  They still write about me as ‘old steady hands’ in the latrines across this great land.

    In private enterprise there are many that have achieved greater wealth, but few that have requested it more than I.  On numerous occasions I blasted, like a rocket ship, straight through the minimum wage ceiling and onto greater economic plains.  But I did not let my fortune distract me from my professional duties.  Sadly my boss saw things differently.  In 2010 I lost my job.  Actually I didn’t lose it, because I know exactly where it is!  It’s just that someone else is doing it now!  

    Nevertheless, I learned great things over the many years of my life that will prove valuable in my leadership of the state Republican Party.  And my favorite 10 success factors are:

    1. Never hit a man in anger, unless you are absolutely sure you can get away with it.

    2. Most people are lazy, but they can be enticed by large amounts of sugary foods.  Always keep a box of Devil Dogs nearby.  Obesity is their weakness – use it against them!

    3. Women are not equal to men.  And though they smell nice once in a while it is all part of their plan to take advantage of the system.  Diminish their self respect by ogling them at every chance…

    4. When someone starts getting good at their job – fire them!  They will soon expect to take yours if you don’t.  I have never actually managed people before, but this is what I am told.

    5. Foul language is a perfect ice-breaker when meeting new people.  Never hesitate to drop a raunchy F-bomb laden joke around a possible new client, or her husband.  

    6. Remind people of how unimportant they are to the system and the company.  Practice saying things like ‘You’re worthless and weak’ or ‘Don’t ever let me catch you looking in my office’ or my personal favorite…’Do you even work here?’.  Saying those things is a sign of authority and power!  Use it to crush people!

    7. Throw things!  Though it may sound overly simplistic, throwing things is a time honored tradition among Alpha-Males.  Be sure to hit at least one person a week with a heavy object from afar.  Of course, when the unsuspecting victim awakens you can pretend to be concerned and make a feigned attempt at helping them to their feet.  

    8. Lie.  Lie like the wind!!  Nothing you say today should be at all consistent with what you said yesterday.  This forces people to take notes in order to try and catch you changing your position.  Today you claim to be Ed from Marketing with a Masters Degree from Bentley College, and tomorrow you can claim to be Barney with an Engineering degree from Wentworth.  If you get cornered resort to throwing things and dropping F-bombs…

    9. Once in a while ‘Play Dead’.  When the boss comes to ask you to take on new responsibilities pretend you are dead.  Lie on the floor and do not respond to any calls or pokes.  This creates a huge sense of guilt at your passing, and when you are discovered to be alive they all are simply happy to see you standing up again.  They definitely won’t add anything to your work load.

    10. Marry the boss’s daughter.  I don’t care how much Hai-Karate or Binaca breath spray you use – just get the dumb ass to fall in love with you!  This is crucial.  Once you marry her you can ‘screw up’ like your working at a lightbulb factory, and nothing can hurt you.  Good old ‘Dad’ will protect you from every goal-oriented corporate ladder monkey in town.  In fact, Dad will give you the authority to stomp on their knuckles as they climb!  

    These key skills will all prove to be invaluable to me and my administration when I take over the Republican Party in Massachusetts.  

    A for my vision of the Party – ‘Hope and Change’ has worked nicely once or twice.  Nobody seems to know what it means or how to measure it, but it sounds positive and it tends to lead knuckle-dragging mouth-breathing morons in the right direction.  I may have to beef up the slogan a bit by using ‘More HOPE and more more CHANGE’.  The use of capital letters shows I am very serious about bringing it about.  Of course I will put together a 10 point plan on how to achieve hope and change, Oops, I mean HOPE and CHANGE.

    So, please consider my key skills and credentials when getting ready to cast a vote for the next Party Chairman.  And even more so, remember Hope and Change.  It is for the children, who are our future, who deserve a level playing field, with equal opportunity.  Remember those children are from working class families, and they have been hammered over for years.

    And if there is any question about my commitment here, just remember my personal slogan:

    We’re no strangers to love

    You know the rules and so do I

    A full commitment’s what I’m thinking of

    You wouldn’t get this from any other guy

    I just wanna tell you how I’m feeling

    Gotta make you understand

    Never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down

    Never gonna run around and desert you

    Never gonna make you cry, never gonna say goodbye

    Never gonna tell a lie and hurt you

    We’ve known each other for so long

    Your heart’s been aching but you’re too shy to say it

    Inside we both know what’s been going on

    We know the game and we’re gonna play it

    And if you ask me how I’m feeling

    Don’t tell me you’re too blind to see

    Never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down

    Never gonna run around and desert you

    Never gonna make you cry, never gonna say goodbye

    Never gonna tell a lie and hurt you

  • The Massachusetts GOP needs youth and energy.

    Arlington Town GOP chair Sean Harrington should be the next state chairman.

  • Pablo what’s with the Cod remark?

    If the S.C. elects Sean Harrington we’d be scrod?????

    Not a ringing endorsement there Pablo LOL….

    Actually I like Sean Harrington. I don’t know that he would run now. But maybe someday he’d be a very good Chairman.

    If we want to think outside the box… a few years back a guy by the name of Bob Parks ran. He’s pretty impressive. I think he splits his time between MA and Va.  Here’s a link to his site

    I also would love to see someone like Rachel Kemp. She’s a Regional Chair. And WOW can she articulate the Republican message of opportunity and upward mobility.

    If Broc and I heard the same rumors, one of the people running I could wholeheartedly support.

  • to the Patriots almost winning the Super Bowl at the SC meeting in Plymouth, I knew it was time for him to go. While the Patriots winning the Super Bowl would have been great, they and the NFL aren’t on the brink of total destruction like our country is after the past election. To compare the result of a football game to an election this important shows a lack of understanding of the serious problems we now have to face.

      Maginn never impressed me anyway. He paid a lot of lip service to the grassroots movement but I never saw him do anything to cultivate it. He failed to find candidates to run in districts that Scott Brown won in 2010 and he seemed like he was only interested in getting Romney elected President.  

  • Thank you for a job done.

  • He is also a poster child for why so-called ‘marquee’ races should not be allowed to ‘choose’ the party chair.

    I remember talking to Chairman Brian Cresta about who the new Exec. Director would be, and proposed a name.  He shrugged and said that Jane Swift – not a member of the state committee – would just be choosing who she wanted.

    Nothing has changed.

    Maginn had virtually no experience in politics except as a donor.  He was quickly led astray by those repressenting the ‘important’ races, to the point of abrogating the rights of those elected by the actual party voters.

    This was not his fault, but ours for allowing that to happen.

    He will now return to his vital and genuinely important work at Jenzebar.  God bless his good heart.