Between A Rock & A Hard Place

Unless one has a paid subscription to the Wall Street Journal, one won’t have the opportunity to gag over this:

Mr. (Barack) Obama repeatedly lost patience with the speaker as negotiations faltered. In an Oval Office meeting last week, he told Mr. (John) Boehner that if the sides didn’t reach agreement, he would use his inaugural address and his State of the Union speech to tell the country the Republicans were at fault.

At one point, Boehner told the president, “I put $800 billion [in tax revenue] on the table. What do I get for that?”

Replied Obama: “You get nothing. I get that for free.”

The Stupid Party vs. The Corrupt Party. America’s caught between a rock & a hard place. It’s going to be a VERY long four years.

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  3. I don’t understand this – I thought Barack Obama was a Community Organizer whose specialty was getting people from different walks of life, and with different goals to agree on actions needed to bring progress for all.  Isn’t that what a community organizer does?  

    He has had literally 4 years to work out some kind of deal with Republicans as he knew the Bush tax cuts were going to expire at the end of this year.  He was elected to bring new dynamic leadership to this country and he can’t even agree on what to do in order to avoid a fiscal cliff.  He is great at posing for pictures when someone is gunned down.  He is terrific at holding beer summits and looking like a mediator.  He is great at playing golf and talking about how much he loves his kids.  He is great at buying the press corps an ice cream cone when he vacations at Martha’s Vineyard.   But he is a thoroughly empty suit when it comes to actually solving more issues.  Can anyone actually name a single thing Barack Obama has fixed?  Simple Festus, name one thing Barack Obama was responsible for?  Just one thing!  

    John Boehner’s job is to organize the House of Representatives so that they can vote for something agreeable to both major political parties.  And though the House largely manages the budget this is not a budget deal!  This is a policy deal and Barack Obama should own this.  

    Once again though, Barack Obama has pushed this issue onto someone else’s lap, just like Obamacare.  Obama didn’t actually have much to do with Obamacare other than direct Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid to work out something that would get passed.  They couldn’t do it so it was passed using loopholes and questionable administrative wrangling.  Yet, because Obama’s name is on it people think he actually did something.  Fail!

    Obama has done nothing on gun control; nothing on Syria, nothing on terrorism, nothing on the economy, nothing on poverty, nothing on job creation, nothing on the national debt and deficit, nothing on uniting Americans, nothing on racism, nothing on improving schools, nothing on gas prices, nothing on streamlining government, nothing on restoring hope and change, nothing on nothing!  And through it all someone else is always to blame!  

    Yup, its Bush’s fault!  Its Boehner’s fault!  It’s Romney’s fault!  Its the Republican’s fault!  Or in the case of a dead American Ambassador and 3 brave staff members – Its nobody’s fault!  Go figure!

    When will he actually be held accountable for anything?  Is the press corps, and the left leaning American voters ever going to require him to lead and produce?  Or are they happy with a guy who finds it necessary to blame everyone else for his inability to produce?  Or, are they afraid to ask a black man to perform as well as a white man?  

    And where do we stand in regards to the fiscal cliff – Obama is preparing a speech that will blame Republicans for failing to come to some kind of agreement that allows this country’s top job producers to give up more in taxes to a big, fat bloated irresponsible, inactive government – all the while increasing spending over the next ten years.  Yup, its going to be someone else’s fault.  

  4. the party wasn’t anti-tax, but went back to pro small government, we wouldn’t even be here.

    We had steps to make cuts to SS and medicare on the table, and we scoffed at them because of tax revenue and “giving Obama a win”.  

    Winning a skirmish, while nice, can also over extend your supply lines and lose you the war.  Which is exactly what we did last time around, and now we’re here with no good options.

    Dems have been blocking changes to social programs for decades, and we were THAT close finally doing something.  While not enough, they would have got some blame, and when the American people see a change happen, but very little fallout, guess who’s argument for more reductions is then stronger?

    Low taxes, low regulation, and keeping you financial house in order didn’t become American conventional wisdom in one Waterloo of the 70’s-80’s.  Instead the party was tactically sound, advancing their arguments, making compromises, and rationally showing their arguments were right.

    We need to take a deep breath, think more than react, and stop shoting ourselves in the foot.

  5. Let the RMG community take in all the sickening details.

  6. Obama will continue to get away with The Blame Game so long as the media, the GOP, & the American people allow him to do so. The One’s 2012 election victory will likely seduce him into doubling down for the next four years on what he’s already done (or failed to do) in the last four years. He shares Alfred E. Neuman’s philosophy: “What? Me worry?”

  7. In some ways, Obama is like the Peter Sellers character “Chance” in the movie “Being There” (1979). The more inane comments he utters (with or without his teleprompter), the more the Establishment types swoon before him with glassy eyes and mouths agape. The American people will pay a harsh price for allowing Obama & his fellow traveling New Left aristocrats the long-sought-for opportunity to transform the nation’s constitutional republic into a European social democracy. If the shit that hits the fan leads to some kind of chaotic reckoning, then let’s get over that phase of American history ASAP so that the country can experience the next phase: the restoration of US republicanism.

  8. The first step the GOP must take is a serious self-assessment of its ideology. Is the American experiment in self-government truly dead & (if it is) MUST we move “forward” towards socialism when other alternatives include a dictatorship? If self-government remains popular with the people, why does the GOP fail to attract said people? Once the theoretical is addressed, the practical nuts & bolts of party machinery can then be examined. In the end it still remains a necessity for the GOP to argue, persuade, and/or cajole the American people into embracing the Republican paradigm of self-government. The party will end up in the dust bin of history if it fails to self-examine itself & act.

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