Appoint Brown as the interim senator!

This is a no brainer. He’s already got the office and staff and the pension and health plan, so just have him hang out down there for a few more months. It will cost us millions of dollars to give someone else a Senator’s pension and health plan – we are still paying what’s his name that filled in when Kennedy died in office.

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  • A commenter on the article made the same suggestion a day before it occurred to me, and got a couple thumbs up. I agree with him, it would be a travesty to appoint anyone else.


    What a giant waste of time that would be. The right thing to do would be for Deval to show he is not bound by partisan politics and appoint Scott Brown to the temporary assignment. He has been in on all the talks and debates thus far. It would be a travesty to the state of Massachusetts to send ANYBODY that can’t hit the ground running in such critical times. But it’s Deval we’re talking about, so we’ll probably be saddled with Vickie.

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  • …to appoint someone who was just rejected by the voters.  The pick should be someone who won’t rock the boat much from the person they are temporarily replacing.

  • Ryan

    make him ineligible to run after the special term, right?

    Not that I’m sure he could anyways after the disastrous, and foolish campaign he ran this last time.  He really ruined his likeability, and ran from his record.  Thats going to take time to heal.