A Simple But Effective Theme For 2014: 5 5 5

As a lifelong resident of this state, I am frustrated to no end by the direction the state’s fiscal policies have been going over the past five years. My frustrations are such that I’m planning to pack it in and move to greener pastures. In the meantime, rather than sit  back and moan about the many follies of our state government, I figured, I’d make one last ditch effort to make this state one I’m not embarrassed to be associated with. That being said, one of many ideas I’ve had rattling around in my head is a simple theme I think might be effective in 2014. It is the 5 5 5 plan and it entails the following:

– 5% Income Tax

– 5% Sales Tax

– 5% Real Reduction in spending over 4 years(1.25%/year)

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