A new government regulation even RMGers will like

Of course most here won’t admit that, but isn’t it about time SOMEBODY stop this outrageous behavior!

The peace you experience tonight and forever–never mind the end of countless, irritable, reaches for the remote–is courtesy of the nanny state.

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  • Vote3rdpartynow

    I support the legislation and it is long overdue…

    It brings me no satisfaction to say I agree with Simple, and if brought about by Nanny State Democrats then good for them….

    I hate having to scramble for the remote because some A*Hole is screaming at the top of his lungs on my tv.  I think commercials have the right to present their goods and services, but not at levels far above the ordinary bounds…

    Good legislation.  Tell me where I am wrong RMG….

  • Republican Ram Rod Radio

    Moral of the story … The Private Sector once again is at least 10 years ahead of anyone on Simple’s All Star team.   Maybe the Dems can tackle the poor performance of those shitty energy saving light bulbs?  You know the ones … you turn on the switch and it take 60 seconds for the bulb to warm up.  Ya know since they will be making us buy them.  

    Over all I’ve waited Y E A R S for a post like this from Festus … and here it is … my friggin TV set is now safe from loud commercials.  Good work Dems, take the rest of the week off.

  • clause of the Constitution gives the Federal Government the authority to regulate the volume of something coming through my TV?