4 Unifying Issues & Themes for MA GOP Candidates – by Rep. Jim Lyons

1. Taxes: Tax rates should be lowered to spur economic growth; tax reform yields more revenue.

2. Local Aid: Unrestricted Local Aid is under assault by the One Party, Beacon Hill Machine. As the Party who supports Local Control, Mass.(R) want to send tax dollars and decision making back to the schools and municipalities.

3. Strenuously push for an Open and Transparant State Government.

4. MA government agencies and their political appointees should no longer pick winners & losers with the social issues, but remain neutral and fair with our tax dollars they receive.

Dean Cavaretta



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  • Karl Marx

    I understand not picking winners and losers in the economic sphere but social issues?

    I’m on board with the religious exception but can you clarify what you mean by neutrality?

  • edfactor

    Dean –

    What does this stuff have to do with Rep. Lyons? It isn’t on his website. You don’t really say he said this and don’t link to his site.

    Are these his ideas?

    And I have no idea what #4 means, either.

    I also notice that you just drop stuff here and run.  Why are you unwilling to discuss anything on RMG? It isn’t a bulletin board.