Wasteful MA GOP Spending

It will surprise no one around here that I am a registered Democrat (accept those who believe I’m a card carrying communist), nor would it surprise anyone here that I regularly vote in Democratic primaries.  Hell, I’m an active volunteer in various Democratic candidates and have given money to Democratic candidates over the years.

So no one at RMG would ever waste their time trying to convince me to vote for a Republican (although I did have some youthful indiscretions and voted for Republicans).  In fact, many here don’t even waste a few keystrokes to make counter points to my posts–they feel they don’t want to waste their time talking to me.  A lesson the MA GOP has not learned.  

So I have to wonder why the MA GOP has sent ME about 7 anti-Warren mailers, trying to get me to vote for Scott Brown.  What a complete waste of money.  

It really raises the question–What kind of micro-targetting resources and smarts does the MA GOP have?  Have they ever heard about data mining?  Those of us who have worked in marketing in the private sector realize that we can tap into vast databases that merge several aspect of political and consumer information, allowing for precise targeting.  I understand the MA GOP is trying to target weak Dems to vote for Brown.  They need to peel away about 25% of Dems for Brown to win.  But me?  I’m not one of them and any half-way decent targeting method would tell them that.  

I mean, if they had a half-way decent voter history on me, they would see that I’ve voted in state and national Democratic primaries for the last 30 years!  Just based on that, the MA GOP should be smart enough to understand I’m not a persuadable in this Senate race.  Of course if the MA GOP had even a sliver of other information on me…like my political donation history, they would completely stop wasting money on someone like me.

But apparently the MA GOP is in the political dark ages and are mailing to every single Democrat, hoping they can get lucky.  What a waste of money.  If they invested in a comparatively small about of data information, they could save themselves a gazillion dollars in wasted mailing costs.  Clearly they don’t have a clue when it come to prudently spending money to get the best bang for their investment.


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