Warren’s radical voucher plan

One of the most enduring paradoxes in the American ethos is the way that Americans simultaneously regard higher education with reverence while viewing intellectuals with suspicion. American anti-intellectualism is based in the notion that the universities in which our greatest thinkers thrive are singularly free from the practical tests of real-world viability that are needed in order for great thoughts to become good policy. One such great thought that has received remarkably little attention in the campaign for U.S. Senate in Massachusetts is Democratic candidate Elizabeth Warren’s plan to radically transform the public school system in America into a voucher system that abolishes local control of public schools.

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Warren’s radical voucher plan

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  • Brown’s demeanor at a rally yesterday….he looks done.

    Attacking the fake Indian but then selling yourself as Mr. Pro-Abort really did him in ….

    He came off as a complete charlatan and opportunist to all sides. The me too Republican Mass. GOP strategy fails again!