Vote for Jim Miceli (D-Wilmington) for State Representative

Above being a Republican, I am a conservative first. That is why I am asking the readers of Red Mass Group who live in Wilmington and Tewksbury, in Jim Miceli’s district to cast their vote for Jim Miceli (D-Wilmington) for State Representative.

Miceli has been a long-time conservative voice, siding with conservatives again and again in the Legislature.  He has been a champion of our causes, and should be returned to work with a, hopefully growing, conservative presence – most of whom are Republican – in the House.  

This year you may remember that Miceli gave a passionate plea for the House to vote against price controls in healthcare.  For that reason alone, I have been thinking of endorsing Miceli.  But the reasons go much further than that.

In 2009 Jim Miceli sided with Republicans in voting against an attempt to send an amendment to roll back the sales tax hike to study (09-263).  Miceli sided with taxpayers in this vote.  He did so again later in the same session (09-365).

Also in 2009 Jim Miceli sided with Jeff Perry in trying to stop “The Perry Amendment”, which would have barred illegal immigrants from receiving state benefits, from going to further study (09-129).

He voted, again in 2009, in an attempt to stop a further study, to end the practice of giving pensions to felons, and to cap state pensions at 4 times the state average. (09-072, 09-076).

He voted against a further amendment to send to study, and increase in local aid by 273M in 2010. He also voted in that same session to return the surplus to cities and towns.  Both failed to pass the legislature.

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Granted, Doug Sears (R-Tewksbury), Miceli’s opponent, probably would have voted the same way on these issues. There is one area, and it is important to this blogger, where they differ. Jim Miceli is pro-life, and Doug Sears is not.

Jim Miceli is a proven conservative in the House of Representatives, and for that reason I wholeheartedly endorse his re-election.  

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