VIDEO: Part 3 – The Reason We Have to Keep Fighting: MA YRs vs MA YDs

(Amen.  Our ideas win, when articulated clearly. – promoted by Rob “EaBo Clipper” Eno)

Jeff Semon is a former Congressional Candidate from MA fifth district. He is a Business Management Consultant and Communications Director for the Massachusetts Young Republicans. Jeff is also a frequent guest on NECN ( as a political analyst.  His twitter handle is @jeffsemonMA

Never underestimate the ability of the Democratic party to govern poorly.

Here is par 3 of a video from the debate between MA YRs and YDs before the election. This is how vastly we differ from Democrats and why we must make the argument of why we are BETTER than Democrats and why our policies are superior.

Don’t be afraid of being right. Articulate WHY we are right.

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