Time for a State Committee Resignation

The Angelic One has provided a good summary of last night’s State Committee meeting in Plymouth and suggest that you read it when you have a moment.

However, I think he left out a telling exchange that, if representative of the SC and the Mass GOP, bodes ill for the future of the Mass GOP.  The exchange occurred when Alex Veras was welcomed to the podium as part of the 5 minutes allotted to activists in attendance.

Alex gave an impassioned speech about the need to broaden the reach of the Mass GOP into the Hispanic community.  He strengthened his point by speaking several sentences in Spanish.  This is when, in my opinion, the unthinkable and unacceptable occurred.

One State Committeewoman in the front of the room (I think I know who it was but given that I am not 100% sure I will leave the identification to others physically closer to her) interrupted Alex with, and this is my best recollection, Speak in English.  She was quickly and sternly rebuked by Mr. Veras.

However, neither the Chair nor any other member of leadership spoke out to condemn her statement which could not be missed given Mr. Veras’ stern and well deserved response.  If we are truly to be a party that accepts members of the Hispanic community we MUST rid ourselves of responses of this sort.  

I call on Mr. Maginn and the rest of the State Committee to demonstrate their commitment to including the Hispanic community by taking DECISIVE action and calling for the State Committee Woman’s immediate resignation.

The time for inclusion and coalition building is now.  The response last evening is not the way to start.  Calling for her resignation is.  Please do so TODAY.

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