THIS JUST IN! BlueMassGroup’s own Lynne Lupien AKA Lynne had a brush with the law EVERYONE!

Some of you folks may remember our foul mouthed friend from BlueMassGroup as the douchebag lady … =>…  She has a habit of using that word don’t you know.  Well it turns out Lynne Lupien AKA Lynne is having some trouble with the law … oh yes!  She is being investigated for harassment!  : )    

Lynne Lupien was caught leaving threatening comments on her blog about Mary Jo Santoro the superintendent of the Greater Lowell Technical High School … And the Lowell Sun is having some fun at Lynne’s expense . . .

Lupien wrote Monday on a recent post with some harsh language about Santoro, saying in part, “And if someone — a person in LEADERSHIP — calls wolf on harassment like this, I want her head on a platter. … Seriously, if this is what I believe it to be, it’s absolutely disgusting, and totally unethical, and she should be hung for it.”

Lupien prefaced her comment by acknowledging she does not know the details of the harassment allegations.…

Santoro, wisely notified the police who are investigating the threats.  Now if you go on BlueMassGroup you’ll see Lynne is trying her hardest to downplay the harassment charge BUT word on the street is Lynne is feeling the heat baby!  Oh yes!  Even more to the point “Mr Lynne” on BlueMassGroup has been spending the last few days interviewing housekeepers!  If you ask me I think right now Lynne is feeling a little nervous.  :  )    

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