Should we believe the latest UMass-Lowell poll? Brown 49 – Warren 48

(Yes we should. – promoted by Rob “EaBo Clipper” Eno)

According to the UMass-Lowell/Boston Herald poll released last night, Brown and Warren are statistically tied with one day left in the campaign. The poll queried “likely voters.”

Two highlights stand out. The Democrats going home to Warren. But Brown is pulling 16% of Obama voters (this may not be enough for the incumbent). Brown remains favorable but saw an increase in unfavorability. Warren is viewed unfavorably by 42% of the respondents. Her unfavorable rating has also gone up since September.

Breakdown of UMass-Lowell/BH poll here.

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  • I think it depends more on how Romney does here, whether he loses by 10 (Brown wins) or by 20 (Brown loses).

    On the basis of his campaign Scott Brown certainly deserves to lose. He has not grown in office, he is still an oversized state legislator. He has no growth message and little feel for business except as a weird kind of suckup, no message for sound money, little economic advantage besides his association with Romney, and his advertising is to show what a liberal he is, how much women adore him and negative crap about E.W. for his 40% base.