RIP State Committeeman Bill Nickerson

It is with great sadness that I have to report that a friend to us all, Bill Nickerson, the State Committeeman from Raynham passed away suddenly today. My heart goes out to his family and his friends at this time.

Brock Cordeiro emailed me a post he put on Bill’s Facebook wall today.  Here it is:

“I’m still waiting for this to be some sort of macabre Halloween joke but today is All Saints Day and Heaven has another today.

I joked awhile back that you were a Republican so don’t lie to us, I knew full well that you had no heart. The punch line was obvious, you had a heart bigger and greater than anyone else I knew.

As my MassGOP Regional Vice Chair I often said that you could never retire…

because I needed my right hand. Truth be told, I needed my role model and mentor.

You are greatly loved and terribly missed. Now all those Convention memories and photos are even more deeply cherished for haven been made with you, one of my very best friends.

We talked all too briefly yesterday, I deeply regret not calling you back, and you never got my email this morning. It isn’t goodbye but in the grand scheme of things, see you again soon!”

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