Obligatory Predictions for Tuesday Open Thread…

Here are my predictions for Tuesday.


I firmly believe that this is race is not as close as the media is reporting. Romney wins pretty easily and the race is called in the 10pm hour.

Mitt wins Florida, Ohio, Virginia, Colorado, Iowa, Wisconsin, New Hampshire, and Maine’s 2nd District. Losses Pennslyvania and Michigan narrowingly.

Electoral College:

Romney 296 Obama 242


R 53% O 47%


Brown barely hangs on. I can’t conceive normal people (IE: people not living in moonbat towns…) voting for Warren.

Brown 51% Warren 48%

Angus King wins in Maine. Akin and Murdock win despite their comments. Dems retain Senate by one seat

Congressional Races:

Tisei and Bielat win. Bielat gets smoked in Brookline and Newton. Wins 2-1 in the rest of the smaller towns. Golnik comes close and Sheldon losses by 5-10 points.

Brendan Doherty beats Cicilane in RI1.

State Races:

Karen Barry loses in the 12 Plymouth. D’Amilia beats Hunt. Randy Hunt wins 5th Barnstable. Keyes upsets Murray.  Lyons wins handily.  Stanton sneaks by Rogers.

Post your predictions in the comments section and add any races I failed to predict.

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