Obamacare: Full Time work now 30 hours per week

Workers of the world unite!

Most people realize that the new Obamacare legislation requires all companies to offer anybody working 30 hours or more per week a healthcare program that meets federal standards.  This has been a point of contention as dozens of companies have now announced either layoffs or reduced work hours in order to combat the increases in taxes caused by such legislation.  

Many news stories have surfaced with respect to the restaurants such as Applebees, Papa John Pizza, Denny’s, Darden Restuarants, etc that are cutting hours due to Obamacare.  Imagine the tens of thousands of single mothers working part time at these restaurants to pay for their children’s upbringing?  Many will lose jobs and many more will have their hours greatly reduced by this legislation and the business decisions it forces.  Who is waging the war on women again?

That aside, did you know that Obamacare goes a bit further than simply asking companies to offer 30 hour per week workers health insurance?  Obamacare actually makes 30 hours per week ‘full-time’ work!  It has changed the standard.  Currently, the Bureau of Labor Statistics considers anyone working more than 35 hours per week as ‘full-time’, but when Obamacare kicks in the definition of full time work becomes ’30 hours’ per week.  How convenient and how sneeky!

From the WaPo opinion section:

There are now 10 million workers averaging between 30 and 34 hours a week. To the bureau, they are part-time; under Obamacare, they’re full-time.

In one respect it gives union workers what they have been asking for since the early 1930’s – a much shorter work week.

The twin crises of overwork and mass unemployment and underemployment can only be seriously addressed by reviving the demand for a shorter workweek. It will be an uphill battle – it took more than a century of hard struggle to win the eight-hour day – but the need is pressing. Six-hour day, eight hours pay! Keep depression away!

The socialist union workers believe that getting the work of 30 million people to be done by 40 million people puts 10 million people back to work.  Each person does less, and gets paid roughly the same and the result is a strong economy.  Economy fixed!  Barf!

But creating a new standard for ‘full-time’ work does something else.  It changes the employment statistics for our country.  Every month we wait anxiously to see the unemployment numbers which show how many people are either unemployed or working part time hours.  Well guess what?  Suddenly the number of people working ‘full-time’ hours will jump thru the roof!  Not because they have all given up their part time work and are now working 40 hour weeks!  Nope, because the federal government will now consider someone working 30 hours per week as full time.  So in typical fashion liberals have lowered the standard in America in order to improve the statistics.  

Can’t you already picture Obama standing up and giving his ‘state of the union’ address and saying how many more full time workers we have!  Oh the good news will be trumpeted by the mainstream media.  Heck, Obama may go from being the 4th best President to the very best President ever!  What a legacy builder!  Make some extra room on Mount Rushmore!

Of course all the unions will complain about having to work so much more than they did before, even though their hours haven’t changed.  Teachers unions will argue that they should get overtime after 30 hours per week.  They will demand their 40 hour week be reduced and more teachers hired.  All those part time teachers will now get full benefits such as health care and pensions because they work 30 hours per week as substitute teachers and classroom helpers….

So of the 10 million ‘part-time’ workers we have in America today there will be some of those millions in the future with reduced hours and  the other millions who will be soon considered ‘full-time’ under Obamacare.  The millions in part time government work will go to full time status and get healthy lifetime benefits.  The rest, well…..too bad you don’t work in government!

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