Obama deserved to win

The people have spoken. Barack Obama is coming back for another term. Here are a list of excuses:

The people are dumb.

The media didn’t pay attention to Bengazi.

The Democrats are more clever.

Romney is dumb.

The people are duped into voting against their interests.

But really after a year of examination, don’t you think we got a pretty good idea of who these men are? Is something really going to slip through?

If we believe in markets, then the political market can be no different. Obama was judged to be more beneficial for more voters than Romney and it’s our job to figure out why and if not agree, at least work to understand.

It could be that the conditions of the market made it impossible for Romney to win. These are things we have to accept over time. If changing them was so easy it would have happened already.

Here are a few broad observations that I have gathered that show the challenge ahead:

1. Elite candidates cannot win especially on the Republican side. The economy is terrible yes, but at the very least Obama will continue the TARP economy but at least claw back some of the gains from the compromised and government-serving financial elite. Romney would continue the TARP economy but not claw the money back.

2. The Romney offering to the average guy is to continue the TARP economy, continue the predominance of oil due to inflation, and you the average guy can install more countertops in the homes of the elite.

3. Cutting the safety net and then throwing people out into the same conditions will only result in more bankruptcies and misery.

4. The middle class is still out of reach of black and hispanic voters. If we believe that all men are created equal, then we have to conclude that an inequality of results across society must be due to differences in access to capital for blacks and hispanics.

The old and sick cannot go out in this economy and begin supporting themselves. Could they support changes that would make the system better for the country?

The Romney approach to growing the economy was too timid to change the essential distribution of every growth point. Too much will disappear into the financial sector. With Obama it disappears into the government sector, but that at least is more broadly made up of middle class voters. In the black and hispanic neighborhoods of the city, the primary middle class is government workers. I am sure many would rather be doing something else.

The Republican approach to illegal immigrants is punish first. The way to solve the problem and gain the support of immigrants is correct the problems the US has created in the world economy.

So there you go, there are three things to correct:

1. safety net for the old is too expensive but the economy can’t support them otherwise.

2. economy is serving the elite first

3. world economy underperforms

Not partisan problems, but problems that the Democrats have safety net solutions to, while the Republicans don’t.  

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  • And given the fundamental similarity in policy between Bush/Obama/Romney, it’s not totally irrational for people to vote based on their feel for the candidates’ motivations and personalities.  But what’s being ignored is the cause of voters’ insecurity and the market’s uncertainty.

    Voters across the spectrum have a clear sense that there’s something deeply wrong with how our economy works, even if they can’t always articulate exactly what that is.  You see evidence of the policy disconnect on a regular basis, as the administration talks about our recovery depending on consumer spending — ie, exactly how much did folks put on their credit card this month?  Our public debt and future liabilities are now a major drag on growth going forward.  Remember Ross Perot talking about stealing from our grandchildren?  We’re now stealing from ourselves and the best our leadership can say is that we probably won’t face a Greek-like debt crisis.  

    The current plan to deal with the debt problem is to wait for the Fed to inflate a new tech/stock/housing/consumer spending bubble (What’s being called a market failure is just proof that the market is behaving more responsibly than Washington would have it.).

    There are some signs that official Washington really does understand the inherent unsustainability of our situation.  But since the voters have been mostly left out of the conversation, it’s really up to Big Leadership to solve the problem.  On most days it looks like they’re just fighting over the poker chips while the ship goes down, but I guess we’ll see.

    It’s time to distill some of the truths we’ve heard from Ron Paul and others into pointed populist rhetoric – “Interest rates are low and inflation is high to force you to risk your retirement in the stock market.”  The Democrats can respond with the same old “Republicans want to return to the bad old GW Bush days.”  But the response will be irrelevant if it’s clear we’re the only ones addressing the problems with the economy, rather than just making empty promises that the “safety net solutions” will be there forever.

  • Ryan

    Conservatives need to support immigration reform and immigration in general.  This nation was founded on hardworking immigrants, and immigration is a huge positive to keep our economy growing.  We need to retake a strong environmental stance, which was an issue we used to own.  Climate change is real, and the costs will be born out to future generations.  Conservatives used to be the stewards of the environment, we need to be that again. We need to put our money where our mouth is on moral hazard and use government as a barrier against too big to fail.  Too big to fail is too big to exist and is an economical, cultural, and security risk through and through.  Too big to fail is not healthy capitalism, and a government that is forced to bail out private businesses less they collapse the national economy all by themselves is being taken hostage.  

    Taking up the fight on these three modern issues alone would go a long way to making the party relevant to the next generation.  

    Personally I’d throw in support for same sex marriage with a strong federalist, let the states decide and experiment, approach for the time being.  

    Time to stop the radical bullshit and get big C Conservative again, instead of radical, reactionary, and mean.