Obama Declared War On Fossil Fuels And Defense


                     By: Edward P. Shallow

Sen. James Inhofe says  Obama  has purposely  spent the past four years  destroying  every  institution that makes  America  great  and making life miserable  for American business of all kinds.

Inhofe told WND’s Greg Corombos people from his state constantly tell him they feel targeted by government regulations and he used energy as a prime example.

“They have this war on fossil fuels,” Inhofe said.   “He is doing everything to kill domestic production of oil, natural gas and coal.  This is something that is just un-American.”  Obama is also guilty of openly ignoring federal laws–particularly when it could damage his electoral chances.

“Not long ago, I enumerated eight  really massive  regulations  that would  put America  out of business.” said Inhofe, noting  that Obama  has been silent  on the impact  these regulations will have after the elections.. “Legally, he was supposed to come out in terms of people, jobs and money of each regulation every six months.  The due date was Oct. 31.  He just blatantly disrespected the law and did not do it.

Inhofe  noted that Obama violated  the law  by telling  defense contractors  not to give  60-day notices of layoffs to those  in the defense industry who could very well  be out of work if the major  defense cuts  proceed as scheduled.  He said those notices should have gone out Nov. 2.  The senator said businesses across the economy see the administration as a threat.

“Every industry thinks they’re being zeroed in on,” he said.  “If your productive employing people and making a living, he’s against you.”

And I want to remind readers of the inefficiency of Obama’s Green Energy investment of $2.4 billion to build a U.S.  Electric-car industry from scratch.

The American people are well aware of the failure of that policy.

Despite its failures, I suspect Obama will continue to advance his green energy agenda..


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