Note to John Briare

Didn’t get to respond to John’s post during the Live Coverage here of the election last night. You are right; I shouldn’t be talking about the historic inevitability of the decline of America. Your optimism is a good thing. Carry on.

About Barbara Anderson

  • I do believe, with all my heart, that our Nation is truly destined for long term greatness.  We are only 2 centuries old… and as we grow, just like a child, we will make mistakes.  

    Every Democracy that has collapsed, did so people its citizens realized they could vote themselves endless benefits… endless riches from their treasury.  And just like a child… who does not believe the stove is hot… our nation is destined to burn itself on the stove.

    No matter what we say… no matter how many warnings we give… the child still insists on touching the hot stove.

    And they shall do so… and they will get burned.

    So our jobs now become one of making sure the wound is treatable with ointment.. rather than amputation.

    We must develop a plan to deal with what is to come.  

    When this great nation is burned by its excesses – we must be the ones to keep it together.  To have a plan, when no one else has planned, and to restore the light on the old south tower.  

    Then after surviving this test of youthful indiscretion, we shall no longer be children… but finally become what we were destined to be.