Money in the MTA

Latest published salaries from the Massachusetts Teachers Association:

Let me tell you the story

Of a man with money

On a tragic and fateful day

Wrote his union check on monday,

Kissed his wife and family

And mailed it to the MTA


Did it ever return,

No it never returned

And its fate is still unlearn’d

It will stay forever

With the hacks of Boston

It’s the money that never returned.

Staggering salaries for the defacto lobbying wing of the Democratic party:

Paul Toner-$134,494

Ann Clarke-$1,107,180

Anne Wass-$167,415

Timonthy Sullivan-$53,358

Susan Lee Weissinger-$607,543

Richard Sanders-$303,928

James Sacks-$145,347

Sandra Quinn-$144,515

Joann Blum-$148,327

Theiss Winkler-$146,674

Kathleen Conway-$144,318


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