Tuesday’s State Committee Mtg: DO NO HARM!

So there is a MassGOP state committee meeting on Tuesday. I assume it will not be a happy affair.

There is much that could be discussed about how to re-build the party. I hope those discussions, if they happen, go well.

The one thing that I really do NOT want to happen is for the State Committee to harm the party. The number one way they could do that is, in its weakness, give in to the social conservatives who would rather be ideologically pure than win.

At the last meeting, the SC tabled a motion to adopt more of the national GOP platform as our own. That was a bad idea then, it would now be insanity to do so. That being the case, there will be people who want to do it anyway.

Please do not make such a disastrous move, or any move like that. This party needs some time and space and flexibility to figure out what to do going forward.  

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