Mary Z. Connaughton on NECN’s Broadside

You guys have to watch this.  Talking about the GOP’s “gender gap.” Interview starts about two minutes in – Mary Z. takes Jim Braude to school!

She makes a great point: here in Mass., the pro-life movement isn’t the reason for GOP losses – Tisei, Brown and in 2010, Charlie Baker, were all pro-CHOICE. Still, it’s time for the GOP to start figuring out how to appeal to more women- Mary mentions the sad fact that tens of thousands of kids in big Democrat strongholds like Lowell, Lynn, Worcester, Lawrence, Springfield and so many other cities, are stuck in failing public schools. The GOP has a huge opportunity to go into those cities and win those moms over to our side because the GOP supports school choice and accountability – and ALL moms want the best for their kids.  Right on, Mary!  

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