Let’s start the 11/7/12 movement to rebuild the state GOP.

Look everybody,

In my opinion 11/7/12 was a day that lived in infamy.  I awoke to discover every candidate I supported had been beaten like a rented mule.  No more complaining – just action from now on…

We can all complain about the loss this past week, or we can do what winners always do when they end up short – they lift themselves up by their bootstraps and get smarter, faster, leaner and stronger.

Instead of regurgitating all the things we have done wrong, which many will disagree on – let’s instead decide what things we can do right.  Let’s make a list of things the State Committee, Republican Town Committees, individuals can work toward in order to build a better and more productive political party.

Let’s set some goals:

1. Lets shoot for 100% attendance at Meetings, be they RTC or SC meetings.  Furthermore, let’s make sure that when the meetings are done everyone in the room knows what was disucssed, what the next step is and knows their part in getting things done.

2. Let’s start building up to date email listings of people in town that are/should be involved in the future of this party.  Namely younger people…  I am seeing a real shift among younger people toward more conservative leanings.  Maybe it is because they can’t find jobs out of college, or they see how little a paycheck is left when the taxes are taken out.  Either way, and for whatever reason, I am seeing a measureable shift away from the idealistic Obama-ites and into more level headed young people.  Example: had dinner with a young woman two weeks ago who is a libertarian.  She completely refutes any idea of a war on woman.  Had lunch with a 25 year old African American man who said he was tired of his friends feeling entitled to everything.  He said he continuously tells them to go get a job and get off the couch.  These conservative young people are out there.

3. Let’s learn how to talk to people about issues that are fundamental to Republicans.  Nobody likes taxes – so why can’t we talk about them?  Nobody likes irresponsible government spending – so why can’t we talk about it?  Let’s move away from ‘Liawatha’ nonissues and start talking about real issues.  Note: I know I am among the worst of those people who talk about ‘Liawatha’ issues, but no more.  From now on I will only write about real issues and how they affect people like you and me.  If we can talk to our friends and relatives about how the national debt hurts everyone, then it is practice for when we talk to people outside our circles on influence.  Let’s help each other frame arguments for future discussions here on RMG.  People need to understand how things affect them i.e. national debt, single party rule, taxes, social security, healthcare run by the federal government, etc…

4. Let’s promise to get a letter to the editor once a month in each town.  This simple act keeps reminding people that the issues don’t go away after the election is over.

5. Make a personal goal to invite one new person to each monthly RTC meeting.  Don’t show up to these meetings reluctantly – show up excited about what might happen there.  Speak up in these meetings!  Don’t sit there glancing at your watch every 30 seconds – bring a friend and get excited..

6. Use Facebook to communicate the issues.  I get updates on Facebook all the time from people who are conservative.  Use these social media to move the word.

7. RTCs should demand action from the SC.  If someone from the SC is not at your RTC meeting then make a call and wake them up.  Send feedback to them about each meeting.  Keep communciation going…

8. Measure results. Start counting the number of people who attend meetings.  If someone is missing ask them why?  If a new person attends introduce them and welcome them….

Add others…..

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