Globe now pays attention to Warren

The Boston Globe has finally started to ask some hard questions, actually they are softball questions. Warren didn’t handle them well   – too bad it’s after the election. Our differently winged friends at Blue Mass Group are all in a twitter about this.

From Brian McGrory Column

For the sake of Massachusetts, let’s hope that Elizabeth Warren gets better than this.

She was always a mildly underwhelming candidate, clutching her talking points like they were a satchel of gold – millionaires and ­billionaires, a level playing field, big oil. As deft as she was at slogans, she was never so good at answering questions, which was odd for a person of such experience and substance.…

She is a US Senator – she needs to handle these questions. The Bosotn Globe and their reporters were 100% for Warren. Now they are waking up ?

Maybe she is all tired out after a long squawk ?

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