Five Things you should know today, November 13, 2012

1. Republican State Committee Tonight

With moderates in our party calling tonight’s State Committee meeting a defining point in time, it will be filled with suspense.  Will the MassGOP adopt the National Platform, will it not, does it really matter now that the election is over?  

The meeting is in Plymouth tonight.  

My inclination is to not adopt the platform at this time, but to adopt a resolution calling on our legislative leadership to offer a competing vision of governance.  That’s our most pressing problem as a party.  The go-along to get along culture of our legislative leadership.

2. 85 Merrimac deserves praise

Bob Maginn said he was going to spend more on legislative races this year than the party did in 2010 and he lived up to that.  Through direct mail (of which I was a vendor, but not the primary one) and direct help to candidates they helped save seats, along with other like minded groups.

There are more things the State Party, and our legislative leaders can do.  But this year they did a good job fending off a relentless attack by the left.  Between Our Mass Values, The SEIU, Mass Teachers, and other unions and left wing interests groups $887K was spend helping Democratic Candidates.  This can be compared to the the approximately $100,000 spent by right leaning groups.  

3. Deval Patrick to open Lowell Teen waste of stimulus dollars

This evening Deval Patrick will help open the United Teen Equality Center in Lowell.  You may remember back in August of 2011 we took a look at the funding of this teen drop in center.  It came from the “green energy” stimulus.

If you are to believe the progressives the world is ending due to man’s footprint.  That’s why we need to be spending government dollars on green technology and alternative energy to save the planet.  If that’s the case then why as the Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources spent $1.9M of the State Energy Program stimulus funds to build a teen center in Lowell?

Yep, remember it’s not about using the power of government to indoctrinate the youth, it’s for the planet.

4. Informal Sessions Today

Both the House and Senate meet in informal sessions today.  No word yet about what is on the docket.  If there’s spending will there be another Occupy the House moment?

5. A message from Paul Frost

Here is a message Paul Frost sent to the State Committee.  It’s a vote against adopting the National Platform.


Dear Members of the Massachusetts Republican State Committee:

First let me say, Happy Veterans’ Day and thank you to all who have served and are serving our Nation.  We have the freedom of speech and elections because of you.  God Bless. It is because of you our differences can make us stronger and because of you we do not live under a regime which attempts to control what we believe and do as free citizens.

Oh and I know there are those liberals who would like nothing more than to control free speech and want us to all believe they way they do or you are shunned and outcasted.  In part that is what we are here for as Republicans, to be sure they don’t win the day on this.  It is my belief its Republicans who are the most inclusive and tolerant Party.

It has come to my recent attention you are receiving communications from some activists and Republican Town Committees that are basically calling for the State Party to go Hard Right with its platform, candidates and leadership. I contact you as a State Representative and one who worked with many candidates this year and in the past.  I’ve won my share of campaign battles and yes, I’m more on the conservative side.

Though I’m more on the conservative side of things, I caution against any drastic measures.  I do believe there are areas in Massachusetts where it is possible for a candidate to be further to the Right.  But that does not mean Massachusetts as a whole is.

We live in a very Blue State and we all know that.  In case some of these well-meaning activists missed it, all the campaign commercials in both Massachusetts and New Hampshire including those for President painted all Republicans as Right Wing extremists as a way to get the topic off the bad economy. Moderate and Conservative Republicans did fall prey to this tactic by the Democrats.

It had nothing to do with our candidates not being hard right or not but rather in moderate areas the Dems painted all Republicans as extremists.  It was hard for our candidates to recovery from that.  We are not Texas.

I certainly wish things had gone better.  If the State Party didn’t raise the money they did, the losses would have been far greater.  I know that provides little comfort to the sting we are all feeling but it is true.  So to all of you, thank you for your efforts in making sure the Party was well funded or as I  said, things would have been far worse.

I ask you all to consider that before any major changes are made.  We have to accept that though there may be areas where conservatives are more accepted the vast areas of Massachusetts do not.  We have to recognize that we do need moderate Republicans so to speak to win in certain areas.  Bottom line is we need Republicans who can win in General Elections and not just in Primaries.

If we do what some are calling the Democrats in this state will rejoice that the GOP State Party will fall right into their stereotypes for good.

I’m not suggesting any individual or candidate reject who they are or change who they are.  But we must be tolerant of our surroundings and respect there are issues which we will not always agree on in our own ranks but can still work together on the areas we do agree.

If what some folks are calling for were true, then we would have cleaned up this year because all the Democrats did was go by their campaign playbook up and down the ballot attempting to stereotype all Republicans as extremists to the far right.  So logic would say, if those activist and town committees you are now hearing from calling us to go hard right are indeed correct, than why didn’t we win by leaps and bounds in Massachusetts?

There is a lot of work that needs to be done in preparation for 2014 (and perhaps sooner for any special elections).  We need to brand our State Party and even our National Party beyond the so called stereotypes.  We need to do a better job of taking ownership of Jobs and the Economy as a Party and not let the Dems drown us out on issues that frankly won’t change.

For example, Roe vs Wade will not be decided by the State Legislature.  State Reps and State Senators will not and cannot overturn Roe vs Wade.  It is an issue that will not come up.  However there is plenty we can agree on such as supporting parents’ right to know and parents’ consent of their minor child (under 18) getting an abortion.  If the Democrats want to be against that, then they look like the extremists.

Again, the above is just an example but we all have to understand we do not live a “Red State” and we are not in the Bible Belt either.

At the end of the day our Party still needs to have folks in our Party who can raise money.  If they can’t all the good intentions and changes in the platform won’t make a difference.  If we don’t have people who can raise the funds needed than 2014 (and any special elections before then) will be a lost year rather than a rebound one.

We don’t just need well meaning candidates who can’t get elected we need candidates who can get elected and can change things.

Let’s work together and rebound and not become our own worst enemies.  Let’s be careful how we proceed in platform and leadership.

Thank you for your time and attention,


Paul K. Frost

State Representative

7th Worcester District

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