“Fishmanned” in the 6th

My comment in today’s Salem News, read by Howie Carr this evening:

Thank the next Libertarian you meet for more intrusive government, higher taxes, and public corruption. Fishman enabled them all and made a huge contribution to their continuance. Without Fishman’s Quixotic and meaningless campaign and his 5% vote total, John Tierney would have been defeated. I’m sure Congressman Tierney appreciates the Libertarian’s contribution to more of the same – the incumbent couldn’t have won another term without the third-party assist.

From time to time new terms come into the political lexicon and stick, such as “being Borked.” A new one is deserving today, being “Fishmanned” in a close race where otherwise a viable, good candidate would have won.

Nice job, Daniel; you must be proud. Thanks for empowering bigger government and higher taxes. They couldn’t have achieved this success without you.

— Chip Ford


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