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  • geo999

    Warren over Brown?

    Kennedy over Bielat?

    Teirney leading Tisei?

    This state truly is a cesspool.

  • There is no Republican organization at the local level in this state – the Democrats in our town were checking voting lists and calling people – the republicans nothing.

  • Can we please ditch this guy?

  • Brown was an incumbent and he ran a shitty campaign. Everyone attached to it should be out of MA politics.

  • This state is owned by the unions, if it isn’t it certainly seems that way.  

    I didn’t watch Scott’s campaign that much because Warren was a national laughingstock, now MA is once again.

  • There really was little chance in this state for Romney to do well enough to allow Scott to win. The wonder is that Tisei would have won if it had not been for Fishman, and no Republican is to blame for him. I hereby resign from “libertarian” too.  

  • The negativity was just over the top and hurt Brown with women voters.  And it probably didn’t help that Brown said he most admires Scalia and that he voted against Kagan for a reason nobody really believes.

  • nomad943

    It just goes from bad to worse. Again the moderates lose to the wild eyed fanatics. Even the Kennedy BOY comes up a winner in that cowpatch Massachusetts.

    I avoided the prediction thread earlier because I kind of saw this coming but I didn’t want to seem negative so…

    I will now make a prediction … the exodus will continue … Viva Nicola and the Indian princess.

    At least the GOP holds the house. Lets hope they didn’t lose their spine.

  • V

    I still say the GOP has troubles because it simply ISN’T conservative enough.

    When you run a fake republican against a fake Indian…the fake Indian is going to win every time.

    Scott Brown beat Coakley because she was perhaps the worst candidate in the history of bad candidates.  She should have “hammered” Brown.

    Brown spent too much time pandering to women; trying to prove he’s a “get along” kind of guy; apologizing for things he had nothing to do with.  At his core, he’s a compromise artist.  The trouble with those, and Mitt displayed it too…by not going after Obama on Libya…is when you have your political enemy in your sights, you fail to pull the proverbial trigger.  Brown’s case against Warren was dictated by the media, not by his principles.

    Face it…he is who he said he would be….he’s a “moderate”, which translates to “more donkey than elephant”.

    I think the same thing hurt Tisei.  There is room for the Fishman’s of the world because the GOP isn’t conservative enough.

    Just my 2 cents.  I’ve been saying this since I joined RMG.  Some of you disagree, but election results confirm my thoughts time and time again.