Deval: Obama should bring a little ‘south-side’ to the fiscal cliff table.

Another classic example of our Governor Deval Patrick (I hate saying that as I always throw up a little in my mouth) talking about how the world ought to work.  In this case, Washington and how our POTUS Barack Obama (there is that throw up thing again) should treat Congress.  Read the story here.

Governor Deval Patrick said today he has propelled his legislative agenda at times by bringing “a little South Side to the table,” and his fellow Chicagoan President Obama should do the same with Congress – including keeping members in session over Christmas if they haven’t finished fiscal cliff negotiations.

Basically, Deval is suggesting Barack recall Congress over the Christmas break in order to take care of the people’s business.  He suggests that Barack ought to get tough, in other words a little ‘south side’ on Congress.  The nation is headed over a fiscal cliff, largely caused by Obama and Senate Majority leader Harry Ried’s failure to have an economic plan.  Taxes are poised to go up on EVERYBODY, Obama’s last budget recommendation did no carry a single ‘Yes’ vote in the House of Representatives, Obama is overspending by a trillion dollars a year, and there hasn’t been a budget approved by the US Senate in 3 years.  Somehow this is the Republican’s fault because they keep yelling to ‘stop the spending’.  

At any rate here are some of Deval’s quotes:

“Frankly, if there’s a list that they don’t finish – the work they need to do around a compromise around deficit reduction – he ought to haul them in there over Christmas and make them sit their behinds in the seats until they finish,”

Anybody note a particular condescending tone to that?  He is talking about the US Congress, not a bunch of 5 year olds…  “Sit their behinds in the seats”  Really?  What an arrogant snot!

And then this:

“I’m not sure that’s where the president will be,” the governor added. “But there’s going to have to be one or another unpleasant confrontation before some of the folks in the Congress who have not gotten the message get the message, that they have to deal with this president, because he is president; not because they like him, not because they favor every one of his policy choices, but because he has the job, and he was hired for the job by the American people – and that’s all the justification he needs.”

What Deval fails to acknowledge is that EVERYONE in Washington was ‘hired’ by the American people to do something – not just Obama!  In fact, many people in Washington were ‘hired’ to stop Obama from doing whatever the hell it is he thinks he is doing to the American people and their economy….Obama is NOT the only elected official in Washington.  

Then Deval let’s the cat out of the bag.  He comments that without a closure to the fiscal cliff the state of Massachusetts could be short shipped some $250 to $350 million in federal funds.  So there it is!  He is talking trash because he won’t get HIS Obamabucks sent to him.  He might actually have to cut his own budget in his own house for once….

“He said not resolving the issue could cost the state $250 million to $350 million in federal revenue, adding to expected budget cuts.  We’re going to have to, very likely, make some budget adjustments mid-year anyhow, because revenues have slowed as the national economy has slowed,” the governor said.

Gee Deval, I thought Massachusetts was humming along like a finely tuned engine?  We always hear about how great we are doing – just like back in the days of Michael Dukakis.  Ya know, the Massachusetts Miracle?  Also, did anyone notice the phrase ‘budget adjustments’?  I wonder if budget adjustments are code words for ‘layoffs’ under a Democrat Governor?  

Suffice it to say Deval Patrick ended the interview with a comment about …. wait for it….here it comes…..RACE!  Yup, when all else fails, mention race.

“It’s hard to engage on race in America,” said Patrick, who, like Obama, is the first black person to hold his political office. “It’s all around us, but we haven’t figured out as a nation yet how to acknowledge both the extraordinary progress we have made … and how much remains to be done.”

It’s hard to take claims of racism seriously from a man that suggests the President ought to get a little “SOUTH SIDE” on Congress…..

If Deval Patrick and Barack Obama want to have America stop thinking of them as black men, then maybe they should stop acting stereotypically black..

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