Dear MA Gop – you have serious issues

You really need to take care of your housekeeping issues, if you don’t have good information on your site how do you expect people to get involved.  Case in point.  My State Committee people are Brent Andersen and Mindy Hebert, but you have listed Brent and Sherri Worthington.  And our local RTC does not have contact information even though we have sent it into you several times.  

Lets start small, lets fix our web site so people know how to get in touch with us.  And then lets work on hosting regional events to invite people who may want to find out about us.  Lets make this easy for busy people.  

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  • I’m not sure what you’re looking at but the list of MassGOP State Committee members has Mindy McKenzie-Hebert clearly listed & Shari Worthington is not.

    Second Worcester Brent Andersen

    Second Worcester Mindy McKenzie-Hebert…  

  • This list of municipal committees does need updating in that my own Dartmouth committee has the wrong chairman listed (formerly John Haran but now Bob Gauvin since the reorganization).  Ditto Mattapoisett, etc.

    However, I suspect time & attention was focused more upon the elections then the website.  That said, it should be updated with the most accurate information, ASAP.

  • As for the elections that is always the excuse they use.  I would love to see them start at the basics and then use a solid base for building blocks to grow.

  • is our site is where people find our local town/city committees, it seems that MAGOP makes it difficult for people to work with them.  As for the office space.  Over priced, Boston located.  Not even central location.  No parking and no one ever gets back to people who want to intern.  

    Seems like our party is so broken and the people who are in control like it that way.