A Libertarian’s Take on the CD 6 Race

I shared my thoughts about the District 6 race between Richard and John Tierney in this Facebook post from Wednesday:

I’m not sure if anyone involved in the Mass GOP remembers from this summer that I’m a very libertarian Republican, but I am, and I’ve not been afraid to say so.

Let me tell all of you, having said that, that I am disgusted with Daniel Fishman. Absolutely disgusted. He cost a good man a hard fought election. Thank you, Daniel Fishman, for giving back to a gambling criminal, more vulnerable now than ever, a seat that allows him to represent me, and the other residents of CD 6, for another two years.

I hope you’re proud of yourself, and feel accomplished in your “statement” against the two party system. Fantastic work.

I’m going to be sick.

Look, I have no problem with third party candidates. I think the Libertarian Party has an important place in American politics.

I’ve had my differences with the state party, and I’ll never be afraid to speak out against anyone who does something wrong. I’m not shy about it. However, if Mr. Fishman’s motivation for running was to spite the state GOP, I think it’s despicable.

Mr. Fishman’s candidacy has spited the state party, for sure, but it has also spited the citizens of his 6th congressional district. It has spited me, because I have lost my chance to replace my corrupt congressman. I think what Fishman did is wrong, and he should be ashamed.

Having said that, I sincerely invite Mr. Fishman to join the ranks of our Republican party in Massachusetts. I’m proud to be a libertarian republican, and the state party needs to start inviting those who share my ideals into their tent.

With genuine hope for the future, starting with 2014,

Evan Kenney

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