By: Edward P. Shallow

One of my advisors was good enough to forward this report to me for publication.

This is exactly why Romney said that some 40% of the people are too dependent on largess from the government.

They have learned to work the system.

A Ford Dealer’s Report – I’ll try to make this as short and to the point as I can.  One of my salesmen here had a woman in his office yesterday wanting to lease a brand new Focus.

As he was reviewing her credit application with her he noticed she was on social security disability.

He said to her you don’t look like you’re disabled and unable to work.

She said well I’m really not.  I could work  if I wanted to,  but I make  more now than I did  when I was working and got hurt (non-disability injury).

She said the gov’t sends her $1500 a month in one check.  And she gets $700 a month on an EBT card (food stamps), and $800 a month for rent.

Oh yeah, and 250 minutes free on her phone.

That is just south of $3500 a month.

When she was working, she was taking home about $330.00 per week.

Do the math and then ask yourself, “Why should she go back to work?”

If you multiply that by millions of people, you start to realize the scope of the problem we face as country.

Once the Socialists have, that 51% of the population in that same scenario, we are finished.

This writer is of the opinion, unless we the people demand of of our Congress the restoration of

The freedoms we were blessed with, with the stipulation that every citizen pull his or her weight to  

To maintain that freedom, then I feel we will indeed be finished as the Democratic Republic our

Founders fought and died to protect.

It will culminate in Obama’s mission to create the Socialist States of America.

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