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Disappointed. Baffled. Why can’t people see what we see? How do we get through to the electorate the dire straights we find our town, our state, our country in?

As an activist and political junky, I sometimes forget that most people don’t think about this stuff (or care about it) as much as I do. In an effort to be a more effective group, the Reading RTC is in the process of examining every thing we do. And the process starts today. Our first goal is to energize local Republicans, get them more active. We have a much larger database of names, culled from sign requests and other information (one of our members worked the data for 5 campaigns), with which to target our local communications. This is a letter that the Reading Republican Town Committee will be sending out to local Republicans.

I welcome your comments.

Dear Fellow Republican,

We lost. On all fronts. And that’s disappointing to say the least. But we, here at the Reading Republican Town Committee, are still dedicated to advancing our cause and our candidates.

We will continue to promote family and community over government intrusion into every corner of our lives. We will continue to advocate for leaders who push free markets over crony capitalism and excessive regulation. We will continue to work towards reduced spending and more efficiency in government in order to provide essential services with reasonable tax burdens. We will continue to restore our Founding principles of enumerated federal powers and limited federal government, giving our state and municipalities more control over how we spend our money, and on what priorities.

But we can’t do it alone. Will you help us?

We are a group of 25 people out of 25,000 Reading residents. And while we are grateful for your votes, we need more. We need more involvement. We need more support. We need you to work alongside us. We are, after all, working for you and yours. For your beliefs. For the way you raise your children. For the independent, responsible, self-reliant – but caring – citizens you want them to be. For the type of town and state and country you want them to inherit.

We can’t do it alone. Will you help us?

Just voting every two years, though appreciated, is not enough. We need you to attend events for our candidates. We need you to put signs on your lawn to show support. We need you to talk with your friends and neighbors, to perhaps change some minds. We need you to donate to our committee so that we may better advocate for, and support, our candidates.

We can’t do it alone. Will you help us?

Our counterparts in the Democratic party have a very well-oiled and subsidized machine that gives their candidates a huge advantage on election day. They have the ability to pay for Get-Out-The-Vote operations that we just can’t match. With their registration advantage and this GOTV operation, we always start every election in the hole. We can start to counter this with more action from you, be it with your time or, if time is something you can’t give, with your donation.

Will you help us?


Karl Weld


Reading Republican Town Committee

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