Will Candy Crowley ask about $4.59 gas prices?

On the eve of the 2nd Presidential debate I am left wondering if Candy Crowley will ask either Barack Obama or Mitt Romney about gas prices.  

Though Margery Eagen mentioned falling gas prices on the Jim and Margery radio show this morning (Nothing could be further from the truth) the price for a gallon of gas nationally is $3.71.  This is twice as much as it cost when George Bush and all his big oil buddies left the White House.  In California this week the price of a gallon of ‘regular’ gas is $4.59.  Of course, some cars use ‘Premium’ and are forced to pay as much as $4.70 per gallon.  

Here in Massachusetts we are paying an average of $3.83 per gallon.  

See all kinds of gas prices here;

The price of gas is DIRECTLY influencing the cost of almost every other item we consume, from food to clothing to housewares to vacation goods.  EVERYTHING is more expensive due to the high gas prices.  It is stalling our economy’s efforts to grow and it is taking money out of the pockets of every consumer in the United States.  

According to this website the average US household spent $4,000 on gasoline last year.  All things being equal that means under George W Bush we all had an extra $2,000 to use for whatever we wanted.  Instead, under Obama we are using $2,000 per year more to pay to get to work and pick up the kids.  It ends up being 8.4 percent of our total income.  

And yet when it comes to reporting on this dismal economic influence – the mainstream media is strangely silent.  

Just think – if gas went back down to the price it was under Bush then liberals could have all the birth control they wanted without having to use my tax dollars.  They could spend the extra money on all the things they are currently using EBT cards for.  Money would literally be falling out of their pockets.  $2,000 per year is $39 per week.  Who wouldn’t like to have and extra $39 per week?  

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