Why Should Libertarians Vote For Team Red In 2012?

As you probably know libertarians are estimated to make up somewhere around 10% of likely voters, not enough to win a majority but enough to sway an election. When it comes to actually showing up and voting libertarians have a recent history of going with the party that wins. In 2000 and 2004 the majority of the libertarian vote went with George W. Bush while in 2008 the bulk went with Barack Obama. Libertarians threw Republicans out of Congress in 2006 and tossed the Democrats on the street in 2010.

As we stare down another “most important election ever”, it’s a big question as to where libertarians will go. Most libertarians I know are planning on voting for the Libertarian Party’s presidential nominee, former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson, a guy I’ve spent much of the year covering on the trail for Reason. The consensus in Galt’s Gulch seems to be that he is the most competent person the LP has ever put at the top of their ticket, which is saying something for a party that nominated a guy opposed to drivers licenses as recently as 2004.

Now, shelve the idea that Johnson is a viable option for voters in 48 states plus Washington, DC. I want you, the diarists of the hyper-partisan blogosphere, to sell libertarians on why they should vote for Team Red. It can be in 100 words, 500 words, or even 1,000 words. Don’t limit your responses to just Mitt Romney, though. I want to hear why libertarians (that’s with a small ‘l’) should vote for Scott Brown in the all-important US Senate race. Brown’s a lock to repeal some of the worst excesses of the Obama administration and takes a typical northeast moderate approach to some social issues but what else does he have to offer libertarians that Elizabeth Warren doesn’t?

The best responses from BMG and RMG will end up in a post at Reason and Boston.com

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