Why does Elizabeth Warren want another debate if she is winning?

This week’s hurricane caused enough damage that Senator Scott Brown decided to withdraw from the fourth and final debate with Harvard Professor, and part-time Cherokee Elizabeth Warren.  The Professor quickly followed suit and withdrew as well.

As a follow-up Elizabeth Warren has now stated that she is willing to hold the final debate., but they are awaiting Brown’s response…  Obviously she can’t debate without him…

But here is the question – why would she want to debate?  Or maybe I should say – why should she want to debate given the new Suffolk Poll showing her up by 7 points?

Suffolk University has just announced a new poll that shows Elizabeth Warren in a very strong position – up 53-46 with virtually no undecided voters – going into the final week of this race.

So if everyone has decided already what point is there in continuing the debate?  Wouldn’t any campaign manager worth his/her weight in peanuts say ‘Let’s not risk the lead’ – let’s ride this out.  That doesn’t seem to be the case, does it.  I think her inside polling is showing something very different than the Suffolk Poll.  I think Scott Brown’s inside polling is also showing something very different.  I think Scott Brown is leading this race because for Warren to openly challenge Brown a week before the election, to a fourth debate, would be otherwise foolishness.  

And if Brown were losing this race by 7 points why NOT accept the challenge in order to make a final shot at knocking down Warren?  It doesn’t add up….  Brown is the one acting like he has a 7 point lead right now….

I don’t think everyone has made up their mind.  I think there are a small percentage that are waiting to see what happens all the way to the election day.  This race has changed directions and lead so many times I have to believe there is a percentage of voters that still want to see how things play out.  

I further believe that the few independent voters left are breaking to the right for Scott Brown.  His latest ad is very good and should help close the deal here.

I would further point to one of Elizabeth Warren’s latest ads asking voters to rething Scott Brown because he ‘could’ place the senate in the hands of the Republicans.  In other words, she is trying to give them a different and ‘new’ reason to vote otherwise.  She is saying ‘Vote for me not because I am qualified, but because I am not Scott Brown’.  That, my friends, is loser talk.

If running a campaign for a political candidate is anything like running a campaign for a product then it is a sign of desperation to change product position in the very last minute of the campaign.  It confuses the voter/purchaser.  It negates the previous campaign message.  It shows signs of confusion.  I think Professor Elizabeth Warren is in trouble….

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