Suffolk U. Poll: Warren by 7 points; It’s time to get reality-based and move out of the cocoon!

The SUPRC poll has Warren up by 7, outside the margin of error. Her favorable ratings are up and Senator Brown is losing a small portion of his advantage among independents.

This is not January 2010.

Overall, the Senator has run a decent campaign but the reality of a one-party state with little room for error is now apparent.

An analysis will be written post-mortem. It  should be based on the premiss that campaigns that allow talk radio to set the agenda are bound to fail. Minutiae about Native American background, law licenses and law practices consume the right blogosphere without any political return to capital.

Senator Brown has overcome before and there is no reason to give up hope. But this is not a pretty place to be as an incumbent.

Update: There’s a little glee among the fever swamp about the SUPRC poll at BMG.

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