Senator Brown pulls out of tomorrow night’s debate with Professor Warren! Is this is a good move?

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According to WRKO, Senator Scott Brown is pulling out of tomorrow night’s media consortium debate at WGBH inferring that a disaster is not the time to put politics front and center. Is he right? Or does this seem like he’s chickening out?

Background on debate here:…

Update: More at the Boston Herald.

UPDATE: Warren also pulls out of the debate according to the Herald.

Meanwhile David Bernstein gets caught off guard thinking that Scott Brown’s preemptive move was self-serving. Now that his newspaper’s candidate (Warren) has pulled out for the same reasons — concern for public safety, Bernstein has to sort of dial back. The dart toward Brown doesn’t look so good now.

“So, now I think they’re both being ridiculous and hypocritical. The debate doesn’t affect public safety and cleanup any more or less than the ads both sides are airing; if those stay up, the debate should go on.”

The pox on both houses is a little lame, I’d say. Voters view ad-buys a bit differently than they do watching whether politicians take advantage of the news cycle during the crisis.


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  1. I know it’s Maryland, but maybe he was reassigned for this?

  2. Is the debate being rescheduled or is that all she wrote? Last I checked the polls were pointing the wrong way. Hope I’m wrong but it doesn’t look to me like the best place to run out the clock.

  3. I wouldn’t be so quick to dismiss Bernstein’s critique of Brown’s actions as self-serving.  It appears he backed out first and did so unilaterally.  What was Warren supposed to do at that point, debate an empty chair?  It is unclear then whether she also intended to drop out also or was merely forced into following Brown’s lead.  I suspect the later.

  4. Finally Scott Brown is getting to the essence of the difference, which is taxes. Akin is going to get elected and Scott Brown is not, because Akin has made clear he’s going to say dumb things now and then but he’s not going to raise your taxes.  

  5. Look, the region has just been devastated by a huge storm.  There are about 300,000 people without power in Massachusetts, and millions more whose lives have been severely interupted by water damage, tree damage, etc….  Nobody is thinking about the senate race today except the political junkies like us.  In fact, I would go a step further and say that if either of them demanded to go forward with the debate it would appear very self-serving during this chaotic time.  

    I don’t think either of them will benefit from the cancellation of the debate, but good for Brown for being brave enough to pull the trigger first and cancel….

  6. There are only 2 comments to his blog post and 1 of them is telling Berstein he is a loser…..

  7. Republican Ram Rod Radio

    When he calls Scott Brown, “Scotte” or “Scotto.” David Kravit’s used to do that too : )

  8. When you consider the Globe reports the race as a dead heat (actually with Brown ahead but below error margin) I find it hard to believe anything else.  Taking pot shots at the ‘opposition’ is par.

  9. Akin will get elected?  What poll are YOU looking at?  At best it is a dead heat, where McCaskill had been unpopular for over a year!

  10. I read that the race will be decided by the undecideds and the undecideds are mostly voting for Mitt, so the thinking is that they will break for Akin.

  11. Republican Ram Rod Radio

    Patrick also cares about Soccer everyone!  Oh yes,  Professional soccer!  He follows the teams and knows all the rules.  And he follows the World Cup too!

  12. Republican Ram Rod Radio

    Loser?  Someone called Bernstein a loser?  

    [blushing] Gee – who would do such a thing?  

  13. I Care. Don’t You?

  14. Simple J. Malarkey

    European football.  Next he’ll be offering up Greece as a example of how we should mend the economy.  

  15. StartedoutRepublican

    pretty creepy even for this old lady who remembers that one of her cousins got raided in one of the oldest Gay Bars in Boston’s park square. Of course it was called the Ramrod and reportedly frequented by a bare chested Whitey Bulger in a cowboy hat.  

  16. Whitey liked other bars in that area…Ram you better bone up on the history..Oops wrong choice of words!  

  17. Republican Ram Rod Radio

    When you say raided what do you mean by that?  

  18. Republican Ram Rod Radio

    ya hear that Patrick!  I said “I think Patrick is European!”

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