Senator Brown pulls out of tomorrow night’s debate with Professor Warren! Is this is a good move?

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According to WRKO, Senator Scott Brown is pulling out of tomorrow night’s media consortium debate at WGBH inferring that a disaster is not the time to put politics front and center. Is he right? Or does this seem like he’s chickening out?

Background on debate here:…

Update: More at the Boston Herald.

UPDATE: Warren also pulls out of the debate according to the Herald.

Meanwhile David Bernstein gets caught off guard thinking that Scott Brown’s preemptive move was self-serving. Now that his newspaper’s candidate (Warren) has pulled out for the same reasons — concern for public safety, Bernstein has to sort of dial back. The dart toward Brown doesn’t look so good now.

“So, now I think they’re both being ridiculous and hypocritical. The debate doesn’t affect public safety and cleanup any more or less than the ads both sides are airing; if those stay up, the debate should go on.”

The pox on both houses is a little lame, I’d say. Voters view ad-buys a bit differently than they do watching whether politicians take advantage of the news cycle during the crisis.


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